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Week Five
~ Ultrasound Nightmares

February 16 ~ I had some spotting over the weekend and had that "here we go again" feeling. It stopped but I called the doctor's on Monday morning. When I told them there'd been a slight change in my condition, they had me come in on the 18th. The urine test was positive, "congratulations, you're pregnant!" . . . DUH.

Dr. A. introduced himself and handed me a prescription for prenatal vitamins, some literature and told me to come back in four weeks. "Wait a minute! What about blood tests? What about the BLEEDING?" The blood tests would be done at my next appointment and "what's this about bleeding?" Since I have only one ovary and one open tube, I convinced them that I needed an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

I was sent to the hospital since my doctor didn't have the equipment to do a vaginal ultrasound. This was my first experience with the local hospital, and I was NOT impressed! The tech would not let me watch the screen as she did the ultrasound. THEN, she LEFT ME lying on the gurney with my hips propped up on a hard wedge and the US probe still in me while she went to the phone to call the radiologist back from his lunch! When I asked if it was standard to call him in, or if something appeared to be wrong, she replied, "I am not the radiologist and I want him to see this." That's it.

Finally, the radiologist showed up and the two of them stood intently staring at the screen while he directed her to change angles and make adjustments. Of course I was panicking the whole time! I kept asking what they were looking at, and I was ignored. The radiologist asked if she'd gotten pictures and told her to take a couple more before he turned to leave. "WAIT A MINUTE!" I practically screamed. The tech stared at me as though suddenly realizing there was a third person in the room before asking the radiologist, "Can she see THIS?" The monitor was turned toward me and the tech pointed out the developing gestational sac, which she referred to as "the black hole." Although I studied the picture on the screen, I could see nothing that appeared out of the ordinary. When I asked again about all of the commotion and secrecy, she just told me I could get dressed and my doctor's office would have a report by that afternoon. Gee thanks!

I called Dr. A.'s as soon as I got home and they promised to call as soon as they received the report. The next morning, after a sleepless night, I still hadn't heard from them. I called again. They said they'd check on it and get back with me. That afternoon, the receptionist called and told me the report had been mailed and they wouldn't have it until Monday. Gee, thanks again!

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