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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Week Six
~ Just As It Should Be

February 23 ~ Monday morning . . . by this time, I was a wreck, thinking about all that could be wrong with my pregnancy. I just knew it had to be something really terrible since they wouldn't tell me right then. My daughter had a doctor's appointment in the same building as my OB, so we headed straight to his office when we were finished. I was immediately ushered into an examining room. "Oh-oh, here it comes, just let me be strong enough to handle it." The nurse flipped open my chart as my heart began to pound. "Your ultrasound looks great. Everything is just as it should be," she said, without even looking at me. It's a good thing she wasn't looking at me; she would have been rather shocked at the blend of rage and relief that I'm sure registered on my face! While I was relieved to hear good news, I was SO angry that I'd spent five and a half days in terror. I wanted to rip someone apart. Instead, I burst into tears. Then I explained what had happened to the nurse and she apologized.! It turned out that she never received my messages about calling as soon as the results came in. Their policy is to call only if there's something wrong!

An old friend of mine got married this week, and I attended the wedding. Afterward, a bunch of us got together, hanging around their hotel pool. I changed from my dress to jeans (my largest) and couldn't zip the jeans. Good thing I brought a long sweatshirt! No bikini for me either. I couldn't believe how quickly my belly was growing.

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