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Shannon's twin pregnancy journal

Week Seven
~ Telling the Kids

March 1 ~ I had asked Peter not to tell anyone we were pregnant for awhile. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to have an early miscarriage again. But, I'd been suffering morning sickness (more like all day sickness) for about a month and some of the kids were showing concern about my being "sick." Since I had passed the point where I had miscarried before, and I didn't want the kids to worry, we decided it was okay to tell them. Peter was SO excited! He confessed that he'd already told a few of his staff at work the day I'd called to tell him I was having an ultrasound. I'd had to call to ask him to take our youngest, Graham, to lunch so he wouldn't have to go to the hospital with me.

I told my oldest daughter, Kait, first. It was neat because she's always wanted a sister. When I first told her about Peter and that he had a son AND a daughter, she was excited about finally getting a sister. A few months of sharing a room with Emily and the excitement wore off. She told me, "When I said I wanted a sister, I meant an 11 year old or a baby, NOT an EMILY!" This time, I got to tell her we weren't sure of the baby's sex, but she had a 50-50 chance of getting her wish. Next, I told Emily, who's now seven and really loves babies. She took care of telling Alex and Graham because she's terrible at keeping secrets. Last, I told David, our 15 year old and resident babysitter (much to his dismay). Telling Dave was funny because Peter had teased him for months with, "Didn't your mom tell you about the triplets?!" That joke always managed to bring a green tinge to his face. He took the news rather well, figuring he had several more months to solidify his plans to move out!

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