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Week Eight
~ Boiled and Pickled?

March 9 ~ I found a website where I could enter my ovulation date and length of cycle, and it would create a personalized pregnancy calendar. I printed mine up when it was finished. Each day has a bit of information ~ development of the fetus, tips on pregnancy, etc. I was eagerly reading about what was to come (even though I've been through this many times, it's been nearly 10 years since the last), when I read several warnings. Avoid hot tubs. Avoid alcohol. I frantically checked the date of the weekend Peter and I went away and discovered that I was already pregnant then! That was probably right around the time of implantation. I'd boiled and pickled my baby before I even knew it existed! One more thing to add to my list of things to panic about. I couldn't remember ever feeling so nervous and miserable during any of my other pregnancies.

To top things off, Peter's sister and her significant other had planned to visit us this week. I'd never met them and was looking forward to the visit, until Peter was sent out of town on business for five days. He left on the morning of the day they arrived. He had so much preparation before his trip that he was unable to help me get the house in order. As exhausted and sick as I felt, it was a major undertaking to clean my house. I wore myself out even though I started a week before their arrival. The visit turned out to be wonderful, in spite of everything. Jackie, my "other sister-in-law" is a midwife and talking to her was great.

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