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Shauna's Pregnancy Journal
Shauna's family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Shauna's pregnancy journal.

Shauna (39) and Paul (36) have two wonderful adopted children, Fred (6) and Rose (2). After a third adoption fell through earlier this year, Shauna was shocked to discover that she was pregnant for the first time ever. She is excited for this new child in their lives, even if it is coming in this "strange" new way. Shauna delivered a healthy son on November 29, 2006.

Shauna's Journal Entries

Meet Shauna

Weeks 5 - 7
Discovery and Depression

Week 8
The first doctor's visit

Week 9

Week 10
Fred needs to know

Week 11

Week 12
A Heartbeat

Week 13
Adoption Thoughts

Week 14
A Good Husband

Week 15
Grouchy Pregnant Woman

Week 16
Twin Thoughts

Week 17

Week 18

Week 19
Nice but Hot

Week 20

Week 21
Pregnancy Miscellany

Week 22

Week 23
A New Car

Week 24
Complicated Issues

Week 25
Busy Week

Week 26
Off a Week

Week 27
Doctor's Appointment

Week 28

Week 29
Third Trimester

Week 30
A Shift

Week 31
Life Goes On

Week 32
Glucose (In)Tolerance

Week 33
A Shower of Events

Week 34
Aches and Pains

Week 35
Getting Ready

Week 36
Getting Close

Week 37
The Waiting Game

Week 38
Standing By

Birth Story
Welcome Baby Randall

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