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Shauna's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Clumsiness

I wanted to title this week's entry "Ignoble Gases," but my husband, Paul, thought that was a bit too much. Nevertheless, I had several solid days this past week of painful gas and bloating. It even woke me up in the middle of the night. The pressure was simply awful. And while my friends tell stories of fabulous belching and burping as a result, I was unfortunate enough to experience release (when there was release to be had at all) at the other extreme-flatulence. Not pretty for any of us. Perhaps that was why Paul was down on the whole topic . . .

Another pregnancy symptom I have been experiencing with more frequency lately is that of clumsiness. I understood that as the baby grows and you put on weight, your center of gravity shifts, and you become more clumsy as a result. But I am only 11 weeks in, and barely showing!! Still, I find myself becoming clumsier by the day. This past Saturday, we were doing some cleaning in the house, and moving our office furniture into the living room to allow my son Fred to have his own room (and make room for the coming baby). I was feeling much better this day. However, before we even started work, I dropped my daughter's cereal bowl of Rice Krispies all over the kitchen floor, so then I had to sweep and mop the kitchen. I dropped a stack of CD jewel cases, and had a mess of plastic shards to clean. Later, as I was adjusting the fan speed on our ceiling fan (by pulling the little chain), the glass globe over the lightbulb fell and shattered (this, I must insist, was not my fault, and merely a matter of coincidence). Later, I was shifting a stack of books, but let them slip and knocked over my favorite crystal candy dish (including all the yummy red hots inside). I must admit that this time I started crying-it was just getting to be too much. I seem to be continually knocking over glasses of water, dropping dishes that I carry to the kitchen sink, and other such clumsy acts. I used to consider myself a pretty coordinated person, but not so anymore.

I am getting nervous about driving. Indeed my mother confirms that the only accidents she ever had was when she was pregnant. I didn't know I was going to be such a hazard!


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