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Shauna's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14 - June 19, 2006
~ A Good Husband

In honor of Father's Day this past week, I am writing my journal entry about my husband, Paul. When I married Paul, I described him to my friends as a kind and gentle man. Ten years, two kids and a high maintenance wife have roughed him up a bit around the edges, but with my pregnancy I have seen the full return of that gentle kindness.

My first trimester has been an emotional and physical challenge. I have been very grouchy, even angry, and very often quite sick. I have been overly tired and I have completely fallen short in my housekeeping duties. Paul has been extremely patient, sweetly supportive and as understanding as he knows how. He has brought home dinner on numerous occasions and made sure the kids were fed and taken care of. He bathes them at night and reads them stories and tucks them in bed. He has helped with some of the basic house cleaning duties, and he has completely maintained our yard.

And each time I thought I was starting to feel better, only to relapse into even worse physical yuckiness, he rallied his fortitude and helped me through it. Only once have I seen him beaten down--after a hot and tiring commute back from work, he came home to find the house in a mess and, once again, no dinner for anyone unless he did something about it himself. I was feeling so terrible, I just couldn't face the kitchen. But then I felt even worse looking at Paul. Still, he pulled himself together and took the kids out to eat. I made darn sure that I had dinner waiting for him the next night.

Paul has been so excited about this pregnancy, even when I have not. He checks online pregnancy sites to follow the baby's growth stages, and to read about the things I am going through. He has also been the most avid reader of my journal entries! He talks to his friends for advice on how to deal with a pregnant wife, and he has been most patient and kind with all my complaints. I know he is excited to have another baby in the house, and I know he will be as good a father to this child as he has been to Fred and Rose.

I feel very blessed to have a husband like Paul. And I want him to know it.

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