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Shauna's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15 - June 26, 2006
~ Grouchy Pregnant Woman

Every week or two, I start to feel like I might be getting over the "morning" sickness, only to greeted by symptoms stronger and worse than any I have yet encountered in this pregnancy business. I may experience a day or two of renewed appetite and a lack of nausea or other yuckiness, but so far, it has not lasted long. Inevitably I find myself returning to a stomach more queasy than before, longer bouts of vomiting, or some other new and unwelcome symptom. I must admit that all this sickness has made me one grouchy pregnant woman.

My friends ask how I am feeling, and I have gone from vague generalizations of bleh, to just admitting that I do not feel good. "Don't worry," they assure, "it will get better soon." But why then, I enquire, do I feel far worse in my second trimester than I ever did in my first? "Oh," they hesitate, "that does sometimes happen . . ."

So it will get better only after I deliver the baby, huh?

As I find myself enveloped in a feeling of grouchiness day after pregnant day, I am prompted to remember my college days when I left my sunny Southern California home to attend university in snowy Utah. All those months of icy, slushy, messy, slippery, dirty, dangerous snow banks--it was just a bit depressing. Trudging to class in the cold, walking uphill (both ways, huh?) through the snow, bundled up in boots and jackets and scarves, only to enter a classroom too warm for the amount of clothes I wore and to have my glasses fog up over and over throughout the day. Even a "fun" session of snowball fights with the guys usually meant I'd end up getting my glasses knocked off and everyone would have to stop and search the snow before they got crushed. Long months of snowy weather made me grouchy. I forced myself, back in those days, to think of one good thing about the snow per day. Indeed, I found much to appreciate: the snow melt would provide much needed water, falling snow is a wonder, a landscape with fresh snow is breathtakingly beautiful, and the chill air was refreshing (hey, I love the cold--I just dislike snow).

Perhaps I should try a similar device with my pregnancy. Hmmm, some good things about being pregnant . . .

  • I get a baby at the end of it
  • My son is all a-wonder of it
  • People are very solicitous
  • I get lots of extra sleep
  • That tummy bulge is no longer just fat

I'll ruminate some more, and hope for a longer spell of feeling good (or at least not bad) . . .

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