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Week 16 - July 4, 2006
~ Twin Thoughts

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion. My nausea continues to increase, and vomiting seems to be a more frequent visitor than ever before. But the big impact of this week was when I went to my regular doctor visit (June 28), and my doctor looked at me and said that I seemed quite big for my stage and that my uterus was sitting rather high, and that I might possibly be carrying twins. I laughed, ha ha. Nothing would surprise me anymore. She listened to the baby's heartbeat, but was not able to distinguish two separate ones; however, she said the only way to confirm twins was by ultrasound. My scheduled ultrasound wasn't for two more weeks (July 11), but that seemed like it would come soon enough . . .

Then I got home, and the thought started pounding away in my brain. "You might be carrying twins." "You might be carrying twins." Aack! "YOU MIGHT BE CARRYING TWINS!!!!!" How was I ever going to last two weeks without knowing the answer to that. I got on the internet and read about the symptoms of twin pregnancies.

  • Ultrasound Confirmation - still waiting for that
  • Doppler Heartbeat Count - couldn't find two heartbeats, but the doctor did seem to think the baby was moving around a lot (could that be two?)
  • Elevated HcG Levels - none reported
  • Abnormal AFP Test Results - haven't had this test
  • Measuring Large for Gestational Age - yes, that's what started the speculation
  • Weight Gain - yes, a little, but perhaps not too excessive
  • Excessive Morning Sickness - definitely YES
  • Early/Frequent Fetal Movement - no, haven't felt anything yet
  • Extreme Fatigue - I am continually exhausted, but not having any other pregnancy to compare to, I am not sure if I am more so than otherwise
  • History/Hunches - absolutely no family history, and I really haven't had a twin hunch, but, as we beat the odds in getting pregnant, I didn't see any reason why we couldn't be having twins as well

Obviously that list did nothing to confirm or deny the doctor's suspicions. I started reading more twin websites, and the whole idea of twins began to be very appealing to me. In the back of my mind, I reminded myself that there was likely only one child in my womb (still, an amazing miracle), but the concept of twins delighted me. And terrified me. But somehow, having two babies would seem to make all my stress and discomfort and sickness more worth it. But of course it would prolong the stress and work after pregnancy. Still, I often kidded, that if God wanted me to have more children, they all better be in my womb right now because I never wanted to go through this experience again. So--twins. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I needed to find out. I have a friend who works in the perinatal center at our hospital. She had been volunteering to do an early ultrasound for me, if I wanted to come in. But up to this point, I had been perfectly willing to wait for my scheduled appointment. Now, I jumped at the chance--only to find my friend on vacation for the week. But as soon as she came back, she heard my desperation and squeezed me in for a quick look on July 3. I had to wait around a while for an appropriate gap in the scheduled appointments, but I was dying to find out the answer. When my friend did do my "quicky" ultrasound, she found only one baby. No twins. Something of a disappointment, and something of a relief. She said that I did seem a little large and that I might be farther along than I thought, but she didn't have time to do complete measurements. She did however make a guess as to the gender--a girl. Sweet news.

I am excited for my "real" ultrasound next week. Hopefully we'll have more answers and insights. And hopefully the nausea medication my doctor prescribed will start helping.

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