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Week 17 - July 11, 2006
~ Ultrasound

I went in for my genetic counseling and ultrasound appointment this morning. The counseling part was pretty easy, since I knew beforehand that I was not going to have either the amniocentesis or the blood testing. It was the ultrasound that I was most anticipating. My husband, Paul, even took the day off work so that he could come in with me to see the baby.

ultrasoundLast week, I "snuck" in to see my nurse friend for a quick ultrasound to find out if I was carrying twins (I'm not), and she guessed the gender of the baby as a girl, since she did not see any "boy parts." However, today, it was quite clear that I am indeed carrying a boy. The nurse and the doctor readily concurred, and even Paul and I saw what obviously seemed to be a penis. (The nurse took some great ultrasound pictures of that view for us--which I am sure our son will appreciate in later years, ha ha.) So after a week of pondering girl names, we are switching to boy mode.

The doctor said that everything looks normal and whole and healthy at this stage. We saw the baby from every angle, it seemed, although he was moving a lot during the whole experience, and we only once got to see his face. I guess he is already camera shy. He has beautiful tiny hands and feet, and a very lovely spinal cord. It was all pretty amazing to see him moving around in there--in me!

I think I need to let this sink in more. It was nice to hear a more definite guess at the gender, and it was wonderful to hear that everything seems normal and healthy. But seeing the baby itself was remarkable and deserves more thoughtful comment. I'll have to write more about this later.

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