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Week 19 - July 25, 2006
~ Nice but Hot

I was going to title this "Nice AND Hot" but I didn't want anyone to mistake that I thought there was anything nice about the weather being this HOT! It's scorching. My little town broke a record last Saturday with 115 degree temperatures plus 40% humidity. That's just not your typical Southern Californian day. Strangers have even started bestowing pity on me, saying, "oh what a terrible summer to have to be pregnant in." Indeed.

On the other hand, it has been a surprisingly good week for my physical symptoms. I have had more energy and less nausea than usual. And except for the heat related doldrums, I have to say it has been a good week. Perhaps part of the reason is that we have been preparing for our summer vacation. I have been looking forward to getting away. This year, however, I was concerned about going too far or trying to do too much, so we decided to vacation locally, and play tourists in our own home territory.

In the end, in fact, we ended up deciding to stay with my parents (whose large, six bedroom house is mostly empty these days) who live near the coast, have a great swimming pool in the back yard, and whose "hotel rates" are so reasonable ( i.e. free) that we could afford to do more costly activities in the area. We are here now, enjoying their hospitality at the beginning of our week long stay. Yesterday we enjoyed swimming all morning, then beach activities in the afternoon, capped off by a fun beach BBQ with much of my extended family. My kids are having a blast. Since my parents live within an hour of us, we usually only visit for an afternoon or evening--this is the first time Fred and Rose have gotten to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house. Today Grandpa, Paul and Fred took a boat over to Catalina. We were all going to go, but again the weather played a factor. It has been so hot, and Rose has been a bit of a pill (she loves being at her grandparents' house, but it doesn't mean she like sleeping at her grandparents' house), that the girls decided to stay home today. Maybe we'll go out shopping . . .

So I'm enduring the heat as my body grows bigger and more sensitive, but I do seem to be feeling better (the acid indigestion and heartburn remain, but oh well), and I'm hoping that I'll continue to feel better for some time. I'm enjoying being on vacation, and having grandma and grandpa to help out with the kids a little bit too. It's nice to feel a bit positive for a change.

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