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Week 20 - August 1, 2006
~ Vacation

on vacationI'm home from my vacation week now, and it's been good to get back to a regular summer schedule. I really enjoyed doing a lot of nothing. I went swimming most every day. I watched a little bit of TV. I sat around and talked with my Mom. I put together a couple of puzzles. I did a little bit of shopping. As a family, we visited the beach, the aquarium, went swimming a lot, and went to the movies. The boys took in Catalina and Universal Studios on their own. The picture shows me holding Rose at Huntington Beach with Paul and Fred playing in the waves behind us.

It continued hot and humid all week, and I had occasional bouts of acid reflux and heartburn, but overall I felt better than I have for a long time. There were even several hours at a stretch when I didn't think about being pregnant. My hormones must be stabilizing too, because my whole attitude is less negative and I feel much less grouchy.

My belly is not so big yet, but I am showing noticeably enough, and my regular clothes don't really fit anymore. Several friends have given me some hand-me-down maternity clothes, which has been great, although I did go out and buy one dress and one shirt to supplement them so far. I seem to be carrying the baby fairly wide across my body, so I do not protrude as much as some of my friends who are not even as far along as I am. I guess that is a good thing. People say my skin won't have to stretch as much.

I feel a sense of accomplishment at reaching the approximate halfway point of this pregnancy. I try not to think too much about labor and delivery. Instead I think about how nice it will be when the weather finally cools (in another two months, maybe?). And I think about the baby. Now that we know he is a boy, I am trying to contemplate room arrangements--do I put him with his brother Fred, who will be nearly seven years his senior, or do I put him with Rose, who is only three years ahead of him? Actually, for the first while, I think we will put the baby on his own, since his schedule will be so different from either of the other children. We have been talking about adding on to our house for a year or two, and so we are now trying to determine the best time to get serious about that. Up to this point of the pregnancy, I just haven't felt well enough to make any major decisions about anything, but now I think I am more up to the task.

A good friend, who earlier this year gave birth to her third boy, dropped off two big bags of baby clothes today. I took the opportunity to sort through the clothes, dig out my own storage of boy clothes, and even organize my baby girl clothes to give away. It appears I have more than enough clothes to outfit this little guy in a grand style. It is very satisfying to feel prepared in at least one way.

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