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Week 21 - August 8, 2006
~ Pregnancy Miscellany

I have found, in direct opposition to my feelings about being pregnant, that I actually enjoy looking pregnant. As my belly grows bigger every day, I am increasingly fascinated by my larger size. I realize that I may not find it so fascinating when I am no longer just big, but HUGE, but for the time being, I like looking pregnant. I like wearing maternity clothes, and I like not having to worry about hiding that stomach bulge. If I had an unlimited budget, I am sure I would be indulging in all sorts of maternity clothing purchases, but as it is, I am grateful for all the hand-me-downs and borrowed articles, especially since I am positive this will be my one and only pregnancy.

As for feeling pregnant, things have gotten yucky again. This past week I have had several cases of "spontaneous" vomiting, as I call it. I am just going about my business, when I cough or burp, and then suddenly, it all comes up. No warning or anything. I slap my hand over my mouth and rush to the nearest bathroom. It's not painful, but it's certainly not pleasant. The heartburn and indigestion have gotten worse too.

My feet have started swelling, so that I don't even recognize them anymore. I pretty much live in flip flops, and my cracked heels are evidence of that. The only time I have to worry about socks is when I play the organ for church services, and it is getting hard for me to reach down to put anything on my feet. I am hoping to keep playing for another month or two, but I have already started making arrangements for when it is just too difficult to play any longer.

Last evening I was feeling rather worse than usual, but with no terribly specific complaints. Rather I was feeling unusually achy and tired, a bit nauseous and light headed, and just generally awful. It's true I haven't been sleeping well the past several nights, and the lack has been catching up (luckily I finally had a decent night's sleep last night), so that might have been all there was to it, but I was having a hard time finding any comfortable position. Paul took the kids on a nice long walk to give me some peace and quiet, and as I lay on my bed holding my aching belly, I felt some strange murmurs under my hands. When it happened a second time, I realized that I was finally feeling the baby moving inside of me. Over the next few minutes I felt a few more fluttery movements, but that was it. It was pretty amazing! I had just been wondering, during this past week, when I was going to start feeling the baby inside of me.

I am going in for a fetal echocardiogram in just a couple hours. I am rather more annoyed about the inconvenience than anything else. The doctor didn't seem to have any particular reason for recommending the echo, besides the fact that I refused amniocentesis and all other genetic testing. So I finally agreed to her urging for the echo. But Paul's work schedule has changed this week and he is unable to get home in time to watch the kids, and I couldn't find a babysitter at the last minute (all the girls from Church that we use are gone to Girl's Camp this week), so Fred is going over to the neighbor's and another friend has agreed to take Rose for me, but it is all a bit complicated. At least it is better than trying to take Fred and Rose with me-I know I'll be waiting forever, and my kids do not sit still for two minutes together. I'm sure everything will be normal with my baby's heart, but I guess if they do find something wrong, I'll be glad I went to all the trouble.

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