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Week 23 - August 22, 2006
~ A New Car

I seem to be going through some sort of growth spurt this week. I feel like I ballooned out almost overnight. And I am quite sore, especially under the breast area. I had my regular doctor's visit last week, and she told me that I have already gained almost 20 pounds. Sigh. I need to get more active. But the baby's heartbeat is good, and the echocardiogram showed no signs of any concern.

By the way, I really enjoyed my echocardiogram. The doctor that did the procedure was very nice and very talkative, so I took the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Mainly I was just fascinated by the technology, and all they could see and determine in looking at the baby's heart. During the procedure, the doctor is only supposed to look at the heart and cord, but since we were already looking, we took another glance at the whole baby. We got a good view of his face for the first time, as he seemed to be looking right at me--almost even waving too! I asked her to see if she could confirm the "boy" diagnosis, but he was turned so that the cord was partially blocking our view of that area; nevertheless, the doctor still thought she would guess a boy.

We bought a new mini-van this last weekend. Our previous van was the big Chevy Astro, which has been a good car for us the past six years. It was large and roomy, and I always knew I could fit anything in there I wanted. But, looking ahead to the new baby, I was concerned that it only had one passenger door. When Rose was a baby, Fred was already big enough to fit in a booster seat, and he could buckle himself in. But Rose is younger and much smaller than Fred was, and she will be in a car seat for several more years. So, with the prospect of buckling in two young children in car seats on a daily basis, I was reticent to have to crawl over one or the other child to get both kids buckled in safely. I wanted a car that had passenger doors on BOTH sides! So we traded in our Astro van for a brand new Hyundai Entourage. It is really nice. There are so many thoughtful details--it is a real luxury. It is also quite roomy, and, in fact, it is longer than our old Astro, so I had to do a little bit of rearranging in the garage to make for a more comfortable fit. Fred loves all the details and controls for him in the back. He likes that HE can control the rear air conditioning (if I let him), or the position of his seat, or even what kind of seat he sits in. He likes having the whole back bench to himself, but he also likes the option of sitting in one of the captain's chairs, with two armrests! Plus the passenger windows roll down--a nice feature, and the back passenger windows crack open (all with power buttons). Next week we get the DVD player installed, so I know he'll be even more excited then.

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