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Week 25 - September 6, 2006
~ Busy Week

To my great joy, school started again last Wednesday, August 30. Fred began first grade, and we both are so excited that he will be in school all day (as opposed to the 3 hour 20 minute kindergarten he had last year). Fred loves being in class and with his friends all day, and I love the extra time I get to spend with Rose before the new baby comes. We are still getting adjusted to the new schedule, but all is going well so far.

Paul's birthday is today, but we seem to have been celebrating for the last three days. My extended family traditionally gets together the first Sunday of every month to have dinner and celebrate birthdays for the month, so we were at my parents' house on the 3rd for those festivities. Then on Monday, Labor Day, we spent the day with Paul's extended family for birthday celebrations there (his sister had a birthday two weeks ago, the Paul's today, his Mom's on Saturday, and his brother's next week). Yesterday, I spent running around making preparations for our own family celebration of Paul's birthday. I had some major grocery shopping to do, which always feels like a big accomplishment to me. Then I had worked on my big project for his birthday present.

Paul is a big Star Wars fan, and we have three large movie posters hanging in our front room from the original trilogy. Over the years, they have gotten pretty beat up. Fred crashed into one, and broke the glass and scratched up the picture. I cracked the glass on another one, and the large black frames were all a bit chipped and dulled. I bought new posters, repainted the frames, and found a place to replace the glass. I was a bit miffed, though, when it took me three stops to finally get the glass replaced. I was extra mad, because I took the time to call ahead to all three places and find out if they could do the work that day and how much it would cost. I went to the lowest priced place first, but, when I got there (and waited 20 minutes for someone to be available to help me), they informed me that they didn't have glass big enough for my frames. The next two places quoted me the same price, so I went to the one which was closest. Again I waited and waited for an available person to help me. They were able to do it for me, but they wanted to charge me a third more than the estimate I got on the phone. I argued for a bit, but then decided to go to the last place. The last place was great--the lady did the work immediately for exactly the price I was quoted on the phone. But I wasted over an hour driving around town to the other places, lugging two large frames with me, and battling with an increasingly tired toddler. When I got home I still had to mount the prints in the frames, reassemble the hanging wire, and get them back on the walls. It was a bigger project than I had thought it would be, but it turned out great, and Paul was ecstatic when he got home and saw the result, so it was all worth it. It is really hard to surprise him with gifts.

I also wanted to make sure I had a nice dinner cooked for the family last night since today Paul wanted to take a half day off work and go to Disneyland for the afternoon and evening. By the end of the day last night, I was absolutely exhausted. With the pregnancy and the heat of the summer, I have been quite a slug for a long while. It's still hot, but since school started I have found myself having to be more active and productive. It is a nice feeling--I definitely needed to get moving more again, but I must admit that I am extra tired. I guess that is to be expected as I move into the last trimester.

p.s. I wanted to thank all those who wrote me notes of support and encouragement in response to my last week's journal about my in-law's insensitive comments. It was nice to hear from those who had similar experiences, and those who just wanted to send some positive thoughts my way. It was appreciated!

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