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Week 32 - October 18, 2006
~ Glucose (In)Tolerance

About a month ago I went in for my glucose tolerance test. My nurse advised me that the glucose drink caused some people to vomit, and as I was in the middle of my heavy vomiting period, I should wait until that passed (ha!) before I tried to take the test. She also advised that I eat some toast or something else bland (no sugar) before I went in to help me keep the drink down. I waited two weeks before I attempted the test, but I should have known it wasn't a very promising morning when I actually threw up the toast in the car on the way to my appointment! Aargh. Oh well, it didn't matter, as the lab techs wouldn't let me take the test since I hadn't been fasting. What?!? I explained that I ate specifically what the nurse had told me to eat. No. They doubled checked, but told me I must come back on a morning when I had been fasting (sips of water were okay, they said, but nothing else). Never mind that I had arranged a babysitter for my two year old daughter Rose.

There was nothing for it but to schedule everything all over again. I set up another playdate for Rose a few days later, made sure I was completely fasting, and went in to try the test again. Everything went fairly well this time. I drank the sugary drink (lemon-lime), and managed to last the hour without vomiting, though I did get pretty uncomfortable toward the end. They drew my blood before and after (I think I'm getting pretty good at this blood drawing thing, although I did bruise up quite a bit on both arms afterwards), and I went home, glad to be done. You can imagine, then, that I was distraught when I got a phone call later that day from the lab informing me that they neglected to draw another vial of blood. What?!? I couldn't believe I was going to have to go through the whole thing all over again!!!! But fortunately, they said all they had to do was draw more blood--I didn't need to do the glucose test again, and I didn't even need to be fasting. Whew. So I went back one more time for one more draw. I was really hoping this would be the end.

Unfortunately, I "flunked" the one hour glucose test. I forgot to ask exactly what my numbers were, but they were too high, and I needed to go back in for the three hour test. Aack! How was I supposed to get through that? I confirmed that I definitely needed to be fasting for this one, and I pondered on how best to proceed. I figured that I would be better off getting there as early as possible in the morning (the lab opens at 7:00am), but who could I get to watch Rose for the nearly four hours I would need (and at that time of the morning), and how could I get Fred off to school at 8:00am? If I waited until Fred went to school, and then dropped off Rose somewhere, I wouldn't get down to the lab until 8:45, which would mean I wouldn't be done until around noon (I figured I would have passed out by then for having nothing on my stomach). I realized the best solution would be for Paul to take the morning off work and stay home with the kids, and normally this wouldn't be a problem at all. However, this particular week was a stressful week of important deadlines for him, and it wasn't at all convenient for him to be off. Nevertheless, he found one morning that would work, and he set up a remote link to the office so he could work from home (as much as anyone can work with a two year old demanding your attention), and everything turned out fine on that front.

This was yesterday morning, and I must say I was dreading the experience. I wouldn't throw up and invalidate the whole test. I got to the lab just after 7:00am, but there was already a bit of a wait (everyone else who needed lab work done while fasting!), so I didn't get to see the tech until about 7:40. They took my blood while fasting, then had me drink the glucose drink again (twice as strong as last time). Oh my, that is some nauseatingly sweet stuff. Then every hour, for the next three hours, they drew my blood again. It was a long and boring morning, although my book was enjoyable and the lab techs were nice. Still the waiting room was not the most comfortable, and I was quite hungry. Fortunately, though, I did not throw up, nor did I even feel very sick. So I managed to get through the test just fine. I had a nice lunch when I got home, but I felt pretty weak and drawn the rest of the day. I won't get my lab results until my doctor's appointment next Wednesday, but I have a feeling I will probably be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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