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Week 33 - October 25, 2006
~ A Shower of Events

Shower CakeThere seems to be too much to write about each week, with a wide range of emotions, physical symptoms and life events. This past week has definitely been diverse.

After hearing about my need to take the three hour glucose test, my husband's sister, who just happens to be a registered dietician working with gestational diabetes patients, sent me a whole pack of information, guidelines and diets for dealing with GD, just to prepare me. So I thought it wouldn't hurt to try modifying my diet to better align with the possibility of GD. I don't know if it was because of this, or because of the hot, dry winds we had last week, or even if it was just a new pregnancy development, but I began to have horrible headaches. I couldn't sleep, nor could I do much of anything else--definitely no reading, working on the computer or watching TV. Tylenol helped ease the pain for periods of time, but the headaches kept returning for two whole days.

At the end of the second day was my first baby shower (I have another one on November 9). My sweet neighbors decided to hold a block baby shower--a small gathering of women who live on my street. Some of my neighbors I know pretty well, and others I have just a passing acquaintance with, but a dozen of us got together to celebrate my first pregnancy, and it was wonderful to know that there was that support on my street, as well as having the chance to be together in a social way instead of just waving as we drive down the block. I took some Tylenol to help me put on a good face, but I was not feeling well when I crossed the street for the start of the shower. I quickly decided that I wasn't going to worry about my diet that night, so I drank the sherbet punch, ate the chocolate cake, and enjoyed a small deli sandwich. Maybe it was the infusion of sugar that my body needed, or just the adrenaline of being at a party, or whatever, but I soon was feeling quite well. Unbelievable.

Since then, I haven't worried much about keeping to a diabetic diet, at least until I am diagnosed one way or the other (I should find out this afternoon at my doctor's appointment). I have tried to cut back on sugar and other high carbs, but I have not tried to eliminate them by any means. The headaches haven't returned, but I have not felt great otherwise (but what else is new?). I had a day or two after the shower that I felt somewhat good--at least no vomiting--though I had a lot of new aches and pains associated with the growth of my baby. But the vomiting returned again with a vengeance over the weekend, along with some new "first-trimester" symptoms: nausea and sensitivity to smells. Strange as it seems, most of my vomiting has been spontaneous, reflux, or acid related--I haven't been nauseous since my first trimester. Now I feel like I am motion sick most of the time--dizzy, tired, unsteady, flushed--crazy!

My brother thinks I am a pain wimp, and I probably am, but it does really get tiring to feel so lousy day after day after day. I also am scared about delivering this baby, but I realize that by the time the day finally comes, I will be past caring--just get the baby out. Hey, I already feel that way. It doesn't help that my brother's wife just gave birth, naturally and vaginally I might add, to a whopping 11 pound 3 oz. baby boy last Friday!!!! Can you imagine??? She didn't even tear (this was her sixth birth, but still!). No wonder my brother thinks I'm a wimp!

I think my baby grew three inches last Sunday. I know things were incredibly uncomfortable and even painful for me--he was so active, and things were stretching so fast. I know I looked much bigger the next day, and I weighed several pounds more! This was the day I also started vomiting again (and again and again), so there may be some correlation there. I spent the whole day in and out of bed, never feeling comfortable at all. The next day I got to go to my friend's nursing school to be a pregnant guinea pig. I still wasn't feeling great, but once they laid me a hospital bed and strapped me up to the monitors (they practiced a non-stress test on me), I felt more comfortable and relaxed than I had in a long time. It was interesting to listen to the teacher's and students' comments and scenarios, all to the rhythmic backdrop of my baby's heartbeat. And my baby gave them a good show--he moved and shifted and squirmed and kicked and made lots of good blips on the chart. Too bad they didn't have an ultrasound machine . . .

I signed up for my hospital's maternity orientation--I think my son, Fred, is especially going to like that. I went to his first-grade parent-teacher conference last week, and while he is doing well in school, with his main problem being that he likes to talk too much, the teacher did comment that he is so excited about the upcoming baby! That really pleased me. He has a field trip coming up and he begged me to be a helper mom and go along. I had to explain to him that although I would really, really love to go, it just wasn't a good idea right now. I have a hard enough time riding in a car around town--I told him there was no way I could ride on a school bus for over an hour, and then spend the day walking around with his class at the museum. I promised him that I would volunteer for the first thing I could do after the baby came. We are all really tired of me not feeling well, and we are all really excited for this baby to finally arrive!

I took Rose to our annual MOMS Club Halloween party yesterday, and I didn't make it to the end. I got really hot, flushed, and nauseous. We had to leave so I could go home and throw up and lay down. It is definitely harder and harder for me to go anywhere or do much of anything. I have resorted to having fans blowing in my face, and bottles of ice water to temper the nausea.

I have been reading up on labor and delivery, trying to feel more prepared and less freaked out, but I must admit that I still secretly hope to be told that I will need a scheduled C-section a week or two early. Is that bad of me? I don't have the courage to ask for a voluntary C (nor does our insurance cover it), but I like the idea of going in at a set time, getting drugged up, and having them hand me a baby at the end of it. And I really like the idea of having this baby a little early (as long as he is ready to come out). I wasn't at the birth of our last two babies, and I was good with that. Both babies were also born C-section and both were early (Fred at 38 weeks and Rose at 37 weeks)--doesn't that signify a trend (ha ha)? When the time comes, though, I know I'll just go with the flow and do what is necessary.

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