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Week 34 - October 31, 2006
~ Aches and Pains

Good news: I don't have gestational diabetes! Hooray. I was really rather surprised but very relieved.

I had one good day last week--it's not like I had tons of energy (no nesting yet, bummer), but I didn't feel too bad. So I cleaned my living room. It was deep cleaning too--I moved furniture, cleaned out the fireplace, polished the wood, everything. It sooooo needed it, and I felt good when I was done. I even made dinner, with some to freeze for a later date. But then I crashed. I was totally done in. And that was pretty much the last bit of productivity I had for the week. The rest of the week has been really rough.

I have become awfully achy, with some very unpleasant pains. My jaw hurts a lot--what's up with that? I seem to have more and more contractions, and they are not always painless. Baby is squirming A LOT, and it often feels like he is scraping my insides. I am having increasing trouble breathing. I am also getting something like hot flashes. I'll be going along all right, and then suddenly this hot wave comes over me, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. I become very nauseous and clammy and miserable--I usually have to leave wherever I am at (and it usually happens when I am somewhere besides home). If I can get in the car and blast the air conditioner in my face it helps; otherwise I try to go outside or somewhere with fresh air, although often I have to make a side trip by the bathroom to throw up first. Not fun. And yesterday, I started cramping--menstrual-like cramps, not overly painful, but very persistent and a bit worrying. And, of course, I continue to be sensitive to smells, easily nauseous and daily vomiting. So, in all, I am almost continually uncomfortable, sick and in some sort of pain. Such fun.

For remedy, I take evening showers--they really help relax me and calm my achy and nauseous symptoms at my worst time of day. I also spend a lot more time in bed. The rest and semi-recline help ease a lot of the abdominal aches and pains, although I frequently have to sit straight up or stand up in order to get a good breath. I also spend a lot of time reading about third trimester symptoms on the internet--it's just nice to know that I'm not alone in what I'm going through, and there are people out there who have even worse experiences than me (so there is always something to be thankful for).

The thing I am most thankful for is that, despite all my yucky pregnancy experiences, my baby is doing just fine. He is growing well (the doctor confirmed that we had quite a big growth spurt last week--baby went from being a little small to being a little on the large size), and he has a strong and steady heartbeat. All indications are good, and that part of my pregnancy is progressing "perfectly" (according to my doctor).

I talked to my nurse friend this week, and she thinks I'll be able to "sneak in" for another ultrasound this week--she says they're doing 3-D's on Thursday, so that's when I'm hoping to get in for a look. I just thought it would be fun to see baby again, and confirm that he is really a boy. I also brought up the subject of a C-section with my doctor, and she was very willing to accommodate my wishes, whatever they may be. We discussed the pros and cons of an elective C in my circumstances (I have no plans for other children; in fact, I'm planning on having a tubal, but I also don't really want to choose elective surgery). Still there are parts of the scenario that are very tempting, especially the December 1st date when the C would be scheduled, if I decide to go for it (my official due date is December 12, though the ultrasound put me on December 8, which is what I believe is closer to the right date). I did mention that I didn't think our insurance would cover an elective C, but she said that they should, and that she would have her nurse call our agency to check on it. Of course, there is still the chance that I could go into labor before my 39th week, so then I'd end up going that route (with an epidural, for sure!). I haven't made any definite decisions yet, but I'm doing a lot of thinking and praying. And I'm getting VERY anxious for the time to go by faster. I am READY for this all to be over--I'm ready for the baby stage to be here.

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