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Week 35 - November 6, 2006
~ Getting Ready

Shauna at 35 weeksAlthough I continue to have a lot of pain and am mostly uncomfortable all the time (I can now add bloating and gas to the list of complaints), I am determined to write a more positive journal this week. The most fun thing this past week was going in for another ultrasound. As I mentioned last week, my nurse friend said I could come in for a scan, and it was very nice to see baby again. He is most definitely a HE, and the nurse kept commenting on how extremely L-O-N-G he is. I guess we could have gotten a better look if I had gone in a few weeks ago (around 32 weeks, she said was best), because at 35 weeks, he was nearly moved into position and almost completely hidden behind my placenta. We had a hard time seeing his face. I had to lay on my side, and the nurse had to take pictures almost from my hip. Plus he was moving around almost constantly (what else is new?), so most of the pictures are a bit more blurry than they should be. Still, my main interest was in confirming the gender, and then just being able to see him again while he is still in my womb. I am quite ready to meet him in person. I have included pictures of both me and the baby at 35 weeks.

Baby at 35 weekMy body is definitely getting ready for birth, with continued Braxton Hicks and other stretching and aching. I have been trying to get ready at home as well. We finally bought mattresses for the bunk beds, so we could get Rose out of the toddler bed and convert it back into a crib. She is loving being in a big bed now, and Fred has moved back into her room to sleep in the top bunk, and they both think this is all great fun. Of course, with them both together there are some issues to work out--like getting Rose to sleep with the light off (or at least with just the night light), getting Fred to let Rose sleep longer in the morning if she needs to, and getting both of them to go to sleep in the first place instead of playing and laughing. I'm glad that they are happy to be together, but I also want them to get enough sleep (and they NEED it too!). With this sleeping transition and with Halloween last week, both my kids have been extra wild and crazy, having more tantrums and grumpiness than usual. Fred actually got into a bit of trouble at school--nothing really bad--just a lot of not listening, not paying attention, and talking way too much. He had a note home, and was only one step away from being sent to the principal's office. Rose, also, has been quite a handful all week. And, of course, I am more irritable as well.

My doctor is out of town this week, so I won't have my next appointment until week 37. In spite of increasing contractions and other pains, I am confident that I can make it that long. After that, though, I'll be ready for baby to come any day. Tomorrow night, Paul and I and the kids are going to the hospital for maternity orientation. I think Fred and Rose will enjoy seeing where the baby will be born, and I will be happy to have some familiarity with it all myself. It is still weird to think that this is my first baby, even though I already have two wonderful children.

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