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Week 36 - November 16, 2006
~ Getting Close

My contractions come and go. Some days they will visit with random frequency, and then they will disappear for days altogether. On Sunday, the contractions were regular for the first time that I have noticed, and I was able to time them at exactly 15 minutes apart for nearly five hours. They got more intense as time went on, but they never became more frequent, and then they just stopped. The incident did prompt me to put together a hospital bag, so at least that is ready to go now.

My doctor's appointment on Wednesday went fine. My abdomen was so tight, however, that my cervical exam was quite painful. My doctor said she felt the baby's head down there in position, but I was having too much pain to let her continue to feel if I was dilated at all. Oh well. When the baby comes, he'll come. I am delighted to have reached 37 weeks so that if I go into labor at this point, baby should be developed well and healthy, and we'll just let him come. We discussed again the option of an elective C-section, and since it turns out that our insurance will indeed cover it, I went ahead and scheduled one for December 1st. I know there are many people who will think me crazy for this decision, but I have read all I can, discussed it with so many others, and thought about it long and hard; and, for me, I think it is the right decision. I still have hopes that I will go into labor before that day so it will be a moot point, but, if not, I take great comfort in knowing that my baby will be here in two weeks.

I feel like I am HUGE these days. I have started gaining a bit of weight again (actually went over the 200 lb. mark--sniff, sniff), and it must be mostly baby, since I am still throwing up every day. I was talking to my mother on the phone last night when I lifted my legs to stretch them and noticed that my feet and ankles were monstrously swollen. I was totally shocked. I have had some swelling at different points in the pregnancy but have not really been bothered by it at all. I just feel like I am completely bloated now. My belly is so tight all the time, it seems that I cannot stretch any larger. I think if baby grows any more, I will indeed just "pop!". I have become terribly congested all the time, whether it is from a cold or is just another pregnancy symptom I'm not sure, but it is another level of discomfort to endure. It also makes sleep more difficult (as if all the other aches and pains weren't enough).

But we're getting so close that I feel like I can endure anything at this point. Two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks . . .

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