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Shauna's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ The first doctor's visit

I had my first pre-natal doctor visit this week. My doctor had recommended three different women as OB/GYNs, one of them being a family practice doctor in his office that specialized in obstetrics. I considered going that route, but the other people I talked to swayed me to go with one of the full-time OB/GYNs, and of those two I chose the one who had an office in my city.

We did not immediately hit it off, but the visit was so short, with the bulk of it being a PAP, which I have a very hard time with, so I think it is too early to tell how we'll get along. She was a bit abrupt in her manner, but she seemed kind enough. She just wasn't the "hand-holding" type, and I guess I was feeling in more of a mood to be coddled that day. This is such a new experience for me. I did appreciate one of her comments, though, as I was joking about having such a hard time doing a PAP, I wondered aloud how I could ever possibly give birth. She smiled at me, and said, "Easy. Just say epidural." That absolutely cracked me up. I have always known that I would go for the drugs if I ever had to give birth-so at least we are on the same page with that!

They did not take my blood that day, so it was really a very quick appointment. I filled out a few forms, chatted with the nurse about my medical history, had my PAP and breast exam with the doctor, and was done. So quick. I guess I was expecting a little more. I really didn't have any specific questions. I told the doctor I was taking TUMS for my stomach, which she said was fine, and then she gave me a short list of other medications I could take while pregnant. Friends had told me I would get to hear the heartbeat of the baby at this visit, but my doctor says that will happen at my next visit at the end of the month.

I visited a separate lab a couple days later to have my blood taken, as well as a urine sample. I have never had to go to a special office like that-I have always had blood work done in the doctor's office at the time of my appointment. It was a bit inconvenient, besides the fact that the morning I went, they were short-staffed, and I had to wait almost an hour to get the work done. Oh well, at least it is done. Hopefully everything will come back with good results.

The really good news is that this week has been so much better, physically and emotionally. I won't say that I am exactly excited about the pregnancy, but I have accepted it and am ready to deal with whatever comes. Also, I have felt a lot better physically. I still go to bed early and snatch a nap when I can, but I am not as completely exhausted as I was before. I still have nausea and gas, but it is not so constant. My appetite has returned, and I have been able to cook. I feel better able to do some housework and even a little bit of yard work. On the other hand, I have been a bit more moody, and at certain times my children get on my nerves more than they should. This is pretty typical of how my menstrual cycles used to go though-they were either marked by intense physical pain, or the pain was low and my emotions went berserk. So I suppose it shouldn't surprise that since I am feeling better this week, my nerves should then be extra sensitive.

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