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Entry 1 ~ August 2008
~ Never a Dull Moment

July was an interesting month for us. It started out with Charley going to California for a few weeks with his job. By the middle of the month he had decided that we were done and when he came back to town he was moving in with his mistress. He has a lot of mental issues and I had known for a few weeks that he was starting a downhill slide, but I really hadn't expected this. In the long run I'm glad he moved out. However I wish it could have been done without the drama. Fortunately Keegan was at preschool when he came to get his stuff. I think that Keegan is adjusting fairly well. He was pretty much used to Charley being gone (either for work or just because he was out all night). I just hope that if Charley ever shows up for a visit, Keegan will understand that daddy isn't coming home. Charley has supervised visits contingent upon negative drug tests so we'll see what happens.

My sister and brother-in-law are living overseas as he in the Air Force. They have been here for a couple weeks visiting. They have a 3 year old daughter so Keegan has had a blast being able to spend time with her. They love chasing each other around. But they also love fighting over every toy one of them picks up. Tomorrow we are going to the park to feed the ducks and fish. There is also a train that gives rides around the park which Keegan just loves. Fortunately the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow, not quite as hot as it has been. I'm so ready for fall! I enjoy being outside much more when it's not 100 degrees!

This coming week I have a couple job interviews. I have a good job as it is, but with everything that has happened I just feel like we would be better off moving out of town. My best friend lives about 2 hours away and she has been working on her boss to get me an interview, so hopefully that will go well. I would love to move closer to her. The only bad thing about moving is that my parents are close to the town where I live now. Keegan and I are both very close to them. So it will be harder being further away. But I think a fresh start is a good idea. Wish me luck!

Until next time!
~ Shawna

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