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Entry 10 ~ August 28, 2009
~ Last Entry

Birthday!Sorry for the delay in getting my entry in. Keegan has started school. He loves it. They are already working on letters and colors. He gets to play pee wee basketball in the fall. He's very excited. He came home the other day with a book order. He loves books so of course we had to order four! I'm so glad, though, that he likes school and reading. I feel that education is just so important.

Kids today grow up much faster than when I was little. Keegan is four and already has a "girlfriend". I couldn't believe it! He told me that he really likes her, and she's so pretty. Boy am I in some trouble when he gets older!

With school starting and my new part time job (I have taken on a counseling position working with grade school and junior high kids, in addition to my full time job), I am going to end my journal here. I really appreciate those of you who have been reading my entries, and I wish everyone the best. Enjoy your kids; they grow up way to fast!

~ Shawna

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