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Entry 2 ~ September 1, 2008
~ Nothing Too Exciting

This past month hasn't been the greatest for me. I've been somewhat depressed about the way everything has turned out. I feel like I'm destined to be alone and I don't like being alone. I really want someone to share my life with. I keep telling my self that Charley was such a bad role model and he wasn't capable of being there for me either, so it really is better that he is not around. I just wish my heart would start believing my head. And I've been stressing over money. I haven't been getting child support and my attorney is taking forever to get anything done about it. I know that she is busy, but you would think she would understand that this is something that needs fixed sooner rather than later. Oh well, like my mom says, I guess things will work out.

My sister and her family left to go back home to Germany the beginning of the month. Keegan misses them a lot. He tells me frequently that Emma needs to come see him. He's funny- everything is "need". When we are not at home, he'll tell me that he needs to go home and when I ask him why his response is always "I need to play with my cars." It's very cute.

I have become a fisherman this month. I am completely not fond of it at all but Keegan loves it, so I do it. I bought him a "Cars" tackle box to match his "Cars" fishing pole along with some hooks and the fake worm lures. I had taken him a couple of times and just put a sinker on the line because he would just drop it in and then reel it right back up so there was no way he was going to catch anything. But the last time that we went he let me throw the line out and then he set the pole down and waited for a bite. He told me he needed to catch that big fish. So I felt bad because I knew that he wasn't going to catch anything. So I don't do that anymore; I put the hook and bait on the line for him. I'm really hoping he doesn't catch anything though because I'm not the outdoorsy type that touches things like fish. So if he catches something, it will be interesting.

It's hard to believe that this will be the last school year Keegan is not in school. He goes to preschool now, but next year he will start K-4 at the public school. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. He likes preschool and loves making pictures for me to bring home.

Well that's about all that has been going on here, so until next time . . .

~ Shawna

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