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Entry 3 ~ October 1, 2008
~ A Good Month

Another month has flown by; time seems to go so fast anymore. I am still battling the child support issue. For some reason we are having trouble getting the paperwork to Charley's employer. Imagine that--another problem. I guess it will get worked out eventually, but in the meantime it's driving me crazy! Charley has yet to be able to provide me with a negative drug test so he hasn't seen Keegan in over two months. He showed up at my office one day but as soon as I mentioned that all he had to do was prove that he was clean, he left. He also told me that he wasn't working at the same place so if that's true that will be one more problem with getting any child support. I guess there is always some drama in my life.

Keegan is doing good; he loves the fall weather. We have 2 dogs, 1 of which is a husky; Keegan loves going outside with him. And he still loves fishing. I have been spending time with a great guy who also loves fishing so he has taken Keegan and I. Keegan had a blast. And I got to avoid having to bait hooks! Yay!

He has gotten into the stage of wanting everything that he sees. When we watch tv, every commercial he sees for a toy, he thinks he needs it. He already owns them all I think! I've started looking for Christmas. I don't know what I'm going to get him. He's getting hard to buy for because he already has so much. We were in Toys R Us the other day and they have a remote control dinosaur that he thought was really neat. It stands almost as tall as Keegan and walks, roars, and all that stuff. So that may be an idea. I'm getting excited for Christmas; it is definitely my favorite time of the year. Last year I didn't even attempt to get Keegan's picture with Santa, as he cried every time we got near Santa. I'm hoping that this year he will understand a little more about who Santa is and maybe sit on his lap so I can at least get a picture.

We went shopping the other day and I got Keegan some clothes for winter. I think he may be able to wear some of the stuff from last year so that's good. I found some really cute things at Baby Gap. Fortunately Keegan liked them too, as he has gotten to where he voices his opinion if he doesn't like a certain outfit, and he won't wear it if he doesn't like it.

Well that is really all that has been going on here. It seems that maybe the drama is becoming less. Hopefully things will continue to look up!

Until next time,
~ Shawna

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