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Entry 4 ~ November 5, 2008
~ Halloween and School

Well It has been a long month. Halloween is over and Keegan absolutely had a blast. He was a dinosaur. It's just not the same though as when I was little. Very few houses hand out candy nowadays here. The churches and mall all do stuff and that's where a lot of people go. I was able to find a couple of streets in town that had a lot of lights on so Keegan was able to do the traditional trick or treating. He loved it! He had a lot more fun going to people's houses than just the booths set up at the churches. He wouldn't ever say trick or treat but I finally got him to say thanks after he got candy. Then he would walk a couple of steps and turn around and wave at the people. It was very cute!

I also got some Christmas shopping done this past weekend. Keegan has been telling me that he is going ask Santa to bring him a big dinosaur so I was able to find Spike--a remote control dinosaur that stands 2 1/2 feet tall. Our last trip to Toys R Us Keegan saw the store model of it and thought it was really neat. So I think he'll be very happy with it.

I've also been doing some research on local schools here. He will start pre-k in August and I had previously decided that I was going to transfer him out of our school district because the school close by where I work is a better school I think. But then I got to looking and there is a private Christian school in town that has an excellent academic record. It costs $2510 a year for tuition which is a pretty good chunk of money. So I haven't quite decided yet where I want him to go. It's not really the money that I'm debating over, it's more a question for me of whether or not I feel like a Christian school is appropriate. And let me explain that though I am religious to the point that I keep Christ in my life and believe in his teachings, we are not actively involved in a church and I'm not sure as a child I would have wanted such a religious education. I think it would probably be a good idea but I'm still doing some soul searching on the idea. I'm very big on education and I want Keegan to have the best that I can give him.

So that's pretty much been our month. Now I'm planning for the holidays. I have a very small family so I don't know exactly what the plans are for Thanksgiving, but I always enjoy holidays regardless. So until next time, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

~ Shawna

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