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Entry 6 ~ January 15, 2009
~ Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's! Ours was wonderful. Keegan absolutely had a blast on Christmas morning. He was so excited to get his big dinosaur, but as soon as he realized that it could move and roar, he wasn't so excited. It was funny; he's very nervous around it because he's afraid it will "get him." I've told him many times that it's just a toy and it won't hurt him and he has gotten better but he still won't get very close to it if it is making noise. His favorite toy is the Little Einstein's rocket that you can program to go in a certain direction or do certain things. He thinks it's pretty cool.

We spent Christmas morning playing with toys and then spent that afternoon with my dad and Christmas Eve evening with my mom. We have a pretty small family so there isn't a lot of traveling that has to be done. My sister is still in Germany; they weren't able to come home for the holidays but I think they will be here for awhile in the spring. Keegan really likes it when they are here so he can spend time with Emma, my niece. She is only two months younger than Keegan.

I've been seeing someone for awhile now and we are getting pretty serious. He's been spending quite a bit of time at our house lately. This has kind of been hard adjusting Keegan to it. We had a couple weeks where daycare was telling me that he was upset throughout the day and asking for daddy. He was never upset at home though and there weren't any other signs that he was having trouble. I came to the conclusion that having a male around probably confused him a little and then at daycare there are kids that will often ask when daddy is coming to pick them up. Keegan is doing well with it all now and really seems to enjoy spending time with my boyfriend so I think things are adjusting well. We're just taking it really slow and making sure that Keegan is handling it all ok. Dating is not an easy thing to do when kids are involved. My main priority has been making sure Keegan is ok with everything and it's really hard to get inside a 3 year old's head. In the long run though I think I'm handling the situation in the best way for Keegan, so hopefully it will all work out.

That's been our life this past month or so.

Until next time,
~ Shawna

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