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Entry 7 ~ February 19, 2009
~ Busy Busy

Sorry for the late entry! Things have just been busy here. We've had a good past month and a half. There have been several days when the weather has been nice enough to go bike riding. Keegan loves being outside and he thinks it's great when the two of us go for a bike ride. We have a lot of fun.

This past weekend we went to Build-a-Bear. Keegan made a frog and a turtle. It was fun. At the beginning though they have you pick out a heart for your animal and they want you to kiss it and warm it up. Keegan wasn't about to do all that. Other than that though he really enjoyed it.

I also bought a new car a couple of weeks ago. We had a Ford Explorer and traded for a Mercury Milan. Keegan was not happy with all that. He liked the Explorer and tells me frequently that we need to get it back. He's quite opinionated. I guess he gets that from me.

The time is coming when I will enroll him in pre-kindergarten. I just can't believe he will be in school in August! Time goes by so quickly! Keegan has discovered the word stupid. He told me the other night that our stupid cat broke his car. I explained to him that it wasn't nice to call people (or cats) stupid, but it was funny to hear him. The things they learn from daycare!

That's pretty much all that going on here. I hope everyone is having some nice weather!

Until next time,
~ Shawna

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