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Entry 8 ~ April 1, 2009
~ School Already!

It has yet again been a busy month for us. Monday, Keegan will be attending a new daycare. The daycare he is currently in continues to raise rates and has lost their accreditation. I don't understand how they justify raising rates yet AGAIN after they have done something to lose that status. Keegan has gone to the same place since he was 2 months old. They offer preschool and I believe it has done him a lot of good. BUT, he will be starting pre-kindergarten in August and they continue to charge full price when he is only there a couple of hours a day. I think that is just plain wrong. So I found a home daycare that I think will be good. It is only two houses away from the school I hope to get Keegan into in August and it is significantly cheaper, especially considering that once he starts school, the rates will go down even more. It will be somewhat nerve-wracking but I think it is for the best. Keegan seems to be excited about it.

I'm also stressing about getting him into the right school in August. I'm told that for pre-k everyone just signs up and they take in-district kids first and then if there are any openings after that they just go by who is first on the list. I'm planning on being in line to sign him up five hours early so hopefully we will be first on the out of district list. I've checked out the school district that we live in, and I'm just not impressed with the teachers so I really want to get him into this school. I hope it works out! Sign up is in May so I have to wait until then.

We have had several days of good weather here so last weekend Keegan and I washed and waxed our cars and rode bikes for awhile. It was a lot of fun. Then this week has been pretty cold. It even snowed on Wednesday. Nothing like spring temps one day and snow the next!!

That's most of what has been going on here. So until next time!

~ Shawna

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