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Entry 9 ~ June 1, 2009
~ Birthday

Sorry for the delay in getting my entry in! It has been a very busy past couple of months. Keegan has officially been enrolled in pre-k for August. And I was able to get him in the school that I wanted. I only had to wait in line for four hours to do it!! There were several kids that the parents weren't there early enough and they didn't get in to that school because there were not enough spots. Keegan is excited about going to "big school". He has gone to preschool the past couple of years so he is not completely new to the school thing. I think he'll enjoy it.

The weather has finally been fairly decent the past few weeks. It seemed like it rained here forever. I plan on getting Keegan's swimming pool set up this weekend; hopefully he will like it more than he did last year. Last summer he didn't like the water at all. I finally convinced him to put his lawn chair in his pool so he could sit on it, and then he would get in the pool. Maybe this year we can skip the chair! Also with the weather being nice, we will have to start fishing soon. I've heard about that for awhile now as Keegan loves to go fishing.

Keegan's fourth birthday was last week. We had a small party with everything monster trucks. We went to a monster truck show awhile back and ever since then monster trucks are just the coolest things ever! The cake was even decorated with monster trucks. He's very proud now to be able to tell everyone he is not three anymore, he's four. It's very cute. It's amazing how quickly they grow.

That's about everything that's been going on here. Before long it will be August and we'll be buying school clothes and supplies! Hopefully summer won't just fly by!

~ Shawna

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