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~ Meet Sherah

Sherah's FamilyHi everyone! My name is Sherah. I am a 29 year old stay-at-home mom and expecting my second child in June. I am American, Montanan to be exact, but I live with my husband, Herman, and 1 year old daughter, Yaheli, in Israel.

How I got to Israel is a long story, but I will give you the short version. I was fascinated by Israel from the age of 12 and decided that I would move there when I grew up. Around the age of 23, I packed up and moved to Tel Aviv, Israel. Because I am not Jewish I had to have a way to stay here for longer than three months. My choices were to volunteer somewhere or study in a University here, so I chose to do a BA in Education and Music at Bar Ilan University, which allowed me to stay in the country for 4 years. When I was in my last year of University and making plans to return to the States, I met Herman, my husband. Herman came to Israel from South Africa with his family when he was 3 years old, so he is mostly Israeli and a little South African. We hit it off right away and spent hours and hours talking when we were together and when we were apart (he lived an hour and a half from me). It soon became apparent that things were serious between us and as soon as we both finished our first degrees, we married.

We started our new life together in Haifa, the city he was living in because of his studies. He continued on to his second degree in Mechanical Engineering (which he is now finishing) and I started working for a law firm. It was a completely different life for me than I had known before. It took me about 2 years to get used to this new city . . . it is very different from Tel Aviv, which I fell in love with when I lived there. Married life has also been challenging for me because I was so used to doing everything by myself. Slowly though, we have settled into our new life together and are learning how to nurture our marriage.

About five months after we were married we found out we were pregnant with our first child. It was a surprise, since we wanted to wait a bit more, but it was a welcomed surprise. During my pregnancy I read every book I could get my hands on about pregnancy, birth and newborn babies. I became obsessed with the whole process of pregnancy and birth. Finally in September 2005, we welcomed Yaheli into our lives. The pregnancy was wonderful, but the birth was a nightmare. I had the birth in a clinic of a midwife that I didn't get on well with and ended up being transferred to the hospital because of a retained placenta. I lost a lot of blood and had to have two transfusions, but the baby was perfect and beautiful. Yaheli has been a blessing to us in so many ways. It has been so much fun to see her grow and develop. If you are wondering about Yaheli's name . . . it is a Hebrew name, but not a common one and it means radiance.

Not wanting to wait too long before having another child, we started to talk about getting pregnant again when Yaheli was about 9 months old. Around the time she turned a year old we found out we are pregnant again. I hope that this pregnancy will go just as smoothly as the first and I hope that I can use the things that I learned in my first birth to get through this one with a better experience. I can't wait to meet this new little one and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

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