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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 3 - 11
~ Bringing You Up to Date

As I said in my intro, Herman and I wanted another baby from the time that Yaheli was about nine months old. He wanted it even more than I did. We ended up putting it off a bit because I wanted to lose the last four pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight (which I didn't, I only gained more weight) and a war got in our way. By the time we were ready, Yaheli was close to 1 year old. Then there was another obstacle. I was still breastfeeding Yaheli and she had been sick several times during that month (which meant I nursed her much more) and this was not allowing my body to ovulate. Finally when I did ovulate, we got pregnant. I knew that I was probably pregnant from the beginning because I chart my cycles but Herman wanted to be sure, so I peed on the good ole' stick to be sure. Thus, our new journey started!

Most people will tell you that your baby will stop nursing when you get pregnant because they don't like the taste; it didn't happen for us. I was almost wishing that it would because it would be the easiest way for Yaheli to stop nursing. At the time she was still nursing 3-4 times a day. We have cut her down to 1-2 times a day and are working on stopping. I hesitate to let go of nursing her because it's so special, but I guess she has to grow up someday.

The pregnancy was easygoing in the beginning until about seven weeks, when my friend morning sickness came to visit. There were some days when I couldn't pick myself up off the couch. I didn't throw up because of it (which sometimes feels much better than holding it in), but I was pretty disabled at times. With Yaheli I did throw up in the third month, but I think it was because I was so busy and stressed (I was working full time and appearing in a play at the time). All that said, I feel very lucky because I have friends who throw up all the time in the beginning of their pregnancies. I feel like I don't have a right to complain. I am just glad that I am over the worst of it!!!

For me the first trimester is all about hunger. It is my biggest enemy. I am not a big fan of eating all the time. I have been known to go most of the day and forget to eat. Not healthy, I know! So, having to eat all the time really gets on my nerves. In both pregnancies I have had this hunger that never goes away. And I gain and gain. So far I have gained about 10 pounds, way more than I should. Maybe the doctor missed a baby in my first ultrasound because you don't see that I have gained that much.

I was really blessed to have my dad come to visit during week 11. He had only been in Israel once, for our wedding and he had never met Yaheli. It was a really great time. We traveled all over the place, seeing lots of sites and tiring ourselves out. Yaheli loved him and felt comfortable with him right away. My dad really enjoyed himself and he got to experience Herman and I fighting often. This is funny because we really don't fight too much, but while he was here issues came up right and left. I was so exhausted by the time he left that it took me a couple of days to recover. It was wonderful because I don't get a chance to see my family very often. Luckily, Herman's family lives about 45 minutes from us, so we get to see them weekly. It's nice to have family.

Well, that pretty much brings you up to date. Morning sickness, extreme hunger, heartburn and moodiness, that's the first trimester for me.

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