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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Extreme Exhaustion

This week was so hard for me. I felt like I was sleeping constantly and still it wasn't enough. It all started with a rehearsal for the ensemble that I joined. The rehearsals usually go on from 8 PM to 11 PM or 12 AM, depending on the mood of everyone in the group. I try to sleep during the day with my daughter, but on this particular day I didn't get a chance to. Instead I used my time to clean the house because my in-laws were coming by for a visit. It was a huge mistake. By about 10 PM I was miserable and by the time we ended (sometime after 11 PM) I could barely keep my eyes open. When I got home I talked with Herman some because I hadn't seen him the whole day, so I ended up going to sleep somewhere around midnight. Wow! I paid for it for the next three days. I slept and I slept and I slept. I slept in whenever Herman would take Yaheli and I took naps as often as I could. And . . . I WAS STILL TIRED!!!

Luckily, I have a very good friend who is a nurse and who has just given birth to her third child. We usually meet together once a week to let our kids play together and it gives us a chance to catch up on our lives. She wisely suggested to me that maybe I should be taking iron at this point. She was right. I went from aimlessly wandering around the house and the playground downstairs to being able to manage my day and get things done. It's amazing what a little iron will do for you!

I just got all my blood tests done (I know I am a slacker when it comes to going to the doctor and such), so I am sure that they will come back saying the same thing . . . that my iron is low.

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