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Week 16
~ New winds are blowing

This week my husband was approved to expand what he has already written as his Master's thesis into a Doctoral thesis! He is really happy about it. I am also happy about it because it cuts down the amount of time we have to spend as students. He should finish in 2-3 years as opposed to 3-4 years. Potentially, it could be a 2 year difference. It's a good thing because he has been searching for a good subject for his Doctorate and he just doesn't find something that he is interested in. He has really gotten into the research that he is doing now, so it helps if he can expand it. His topic has to do with explosive boiling for anyone curious to know.

I am finally starting to feel a little fluttering from the baby. It is definitely not as active as Yaheli was, but every once in a while I can faintly feel something. This is exciting. It makes it feel more real.

We are weighing doing the tests for Cystic Fibrosis and Fragile X right now. My doctor wants us to do them, but we haven't made up our minds yet. I would like to do the CF test just to know if either me or Herman could be a carrier. In that case we should do the fragile X test also just to see. I hate all these tests because wed keep and love our baby no matter how it comes out. It may be good to be prepared in case there is a chance that your baby could come out with a certain disease or disability, but I am not convinced of this. It may also just lead to worry your entire pregnancy. Every pregnancy they push for more and more tests. When can we have our lives back as pregnant woman??? When did pregnancy start being treated as a disease and not a normal, beautiful way that God created to bring life to this world?

On an entirely different note, we rented "An Inconvenient Truth" this week. I recommend this movie to everyone to see, even if you are a skeptic. This issue of Global Warming has been heavy on my mind over the past couple of years. I had seen the changes in the Montana winters with my own eyes even before I left Montana and even before the issue of Global Warming became a hot topic. Please watch this movie and do what you can to help! If we all did our little part to help we could make a difference. Even if you can't do much, everyone needs to be more aware of the situation we have put ourselves into.

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