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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17

SherahWell, I freaked out! It had to happen sometime. I was nervous because I don't feel this baby so much, so I took a trip to the doctor. It was an adventure. Yaheli hadn't had her nap and my appointment was at 3PM. I thought that she would fall asleep on the way there, but she didn't. She was wild. She was running all over the place; she wouldn't sit still. Luckily the doctor knows me and had a lot of grace for kids. By the time we got into see the doctor Yaheli was into everything. She emptied out her microscope slides and her pH sticks all over the floor while we were doing an ultrasound. That is one this country is great about . . . kids! Israelis love kids and have so much patience for them.

Well, the baby was fine. It was sleeping soundly, but we did see it move once and we saw that the heartbeat was fine. My doctor said that because with this pregnancy I am so much more active and my mind is not focused on it, I am missing more than I would had it been a first pregnancy. She should know; she just gave birth to her second four months ago.

I really am missing a lot with this one. It feels like time is passing so quickly. The weeks just fly by. I was so obsessed with every little thing when Yaheli was growing inside me and with this one I have to try to remember what week I am in all the time. It's good though because I am in a real hurry for this one to come out. I can't wait for Yaheli to have a sibling!

Finally, here is a belly picture!

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