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Week 18
~ Perfect Weekend

We had a wild weekend! The vocal ensemble that I am singing with decided that they were going to have a rehearsal in Jerusalem. Of all places!!! I really have a hard time traveling to Jerusalem. I know that it is most people's dream to go to Jerusalem, but I just can't stomach the place. It's so dark. There is a heaviness that settles on you when you enter the city. The only reason I ever go to Jerusalem is for conferences or to show tourists and family the city. I never go there for pleasure. The historical places in Jerusalem are nice, but I have never gotten over the dark feeling the city holds.

So, I got a ride with someone from the ensemble. It was nice to get to know the people in the ensemble better. A two hour ride is one way to do it. We had a nice time, sang a bit and walked in the woods a bit. On the walk one of the girls was struggling with the uphills. She commented that it's pretty bad that she is more out of shape than a pregnant woman. It made me feel good that I can still manage to do the things that I love, like hiking, in spite of the fact that I am pregnant. And that I was more in shape than someone younger than me, who has never had any kids . . . that made me feel even better.

When the rehearsal was over I was driven to meet Herman and Yaheli on their way down south to a birthday party. I continued on with them another hour or so. We surprised a friend of ours that we don't see often and got to see a family that I was a nanny for seven years ago. It's so funny to see this family because all but one of the kids are grown up now. Time passes so quickly. Yaheli was the star of the party, of course. She is so uninhibited that it wasn't long before she was eating all the food she could find and making new friends right and left. We had to leave after an hour or so because she was getting crabby.

We then made our way to Tel Aviv to stay the night with friends. We woke up and had waffles with them, got caught up on our lives and then we were off to make our way north. We ended up stopping on the beach on the way. We had so much fun. The day was perfect. Yaheli loved playing in the sand and picking up rocks, shells and garbage. It's amazing how much she can be entertained by a little rock. It was nice just to be together as a family and to enjoy each other's company. I wish all weekends were like that.

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