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Week 19
~ Sicker Than Sick Can Be

Well, this was one of my toughest weeks yet. It challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually. I got a virus from my father-in-law. He had already been sick for over a week and his fever had disappeared many days before, so I thought it would be fine for him to come over and visit us. Two days later I was down. It started with a manageable fever, which soon turned into a very high fever (somewhere around 102-103). I generally let my fevers run their course so we spent a lot of time on the phone with the doctor checking in as my fever and symptoms fluxed and changed. Luckily, my fever didn't stay high for too long and I broke it a couple of times with Tylenol.

What was to come after the fever was even worse though. I soon found myself with a very sore throat and violent coughing. When I say violent, I mean violent. It is so important to do your kegels after birth because I haven't been so faithful and that meant that I was changing clothes all the time. I know it's not a pleasant thought, but someone has to tell you how important kegels are to get yourself back in shape after birth. I was so incapacitated that Herman ended up spending the entire week home with me taking care of Yaheli. I was just completely incapable of anything.

The two things that were the worst were the fact that I found it very hard to eat and when I did eat I coughed so hard I ended up throwing it up and the coughing kept me up all night long for three straight nights. I was exhausted and out of energy. It brought me to the end of myself. The good thing is I learned the game of tennis and got really into it because that was the only thing on TV in the middle of night. I really enjoyed the Australian Open. After the third night of not sleeping we made our way to the doctor to see if there was anything that we could do so that I could finally get some sleep. I had tried every natural remedy safe for pregnancy and nothing was working. He prescribed me some kind of Codeine combination that dries up your throat and puts you to sleep. I took one pill and that was enough for me. It was so strong, I felt like my whole body was quitting on me. I slept a bit from it and decided I wasn't going to take anymore pills if I could manage to get to sleep by myself. I was getting better at that point, so I was having an easier time falling asleep. I also had episodes of apnea while trying to fall asleep. It was so scary to be woken up suddenly when your lungs decided to fill with air after not working for a few seconds. I don't know how people live with this condition. Luckily, this went away after a few days.

The final problem was that I hadn't eaten enough and what I had I had thrown up, so my blood sugar kept falling in the evenings. It's an awful feeling. I thought I was dying at some point because I felt so weak and shaky. I am still having a hard time with food. I have no appetite and every little thing makes me want to throw up. But even though I am having hard time with food, my weight is going up again from what I lost during this little episode. That's a good sign. The moral of the story: Don't let anyone into your house who has had a nasty virus until they have no symptoms at all; it's not worth the trauma.

Fortunately, I was the only one who suffered so much from the virus. Yaheli got a very mild form of it and Herman was only a little weak for a few days. I am so glad that they didn't have to go through it. It was probably the most sick I have been since I was a child.

Hope you all have a wonderful and virus-free week!!!

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