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Week 22
~ Traditions!

This week we took our annual trip to the rekefot hill. I don't know what the flower is called in English, but here is a picture of them.


We were there last year when Yaheli was 4 months old. It is a hill covered with the flowers and people come from all over to see it. Yaheli loved to climb and to smell the flowers. I was surprised at how easy it was to get her not to pick them. Here is a picture from this year and a picture from last year for comparison.


We also took a trip to a nature preserve where they raise and release once indigenous animals to the area. Israel has really lost a lot of its wildlife. It's very sad to know that there used to be animals like bears and tigers here, but they have long since died out. I am glad that they are taking initiative to reintroduce some animals into Israel. We thought that Yaheli would like seeing the animals in the preserve, but in the end she liked the flowers much more. She did appreciate the bird though. Here she is with one of the flowers she picked (these flowers are unprotected, so we let her pick them).


We took the opportunity to take a belly picture also . . .

Sherah at 22 weeksWe have our big anatomy scan on Sunday. Everyone is bugging us about it, and it is really driving me crazy. Everyone wants a call as soon as we are done to know the sex of the baby. I just want time to be able to digest it. I keep telling people that we are not sure we are telling anyone the sex, just so I can have a few moments to breathe before we have to announce to everyone what it is. I am honestly not sure that I want to know what it is. I loved the surprise that we had with Yaheli. I know though that Herman really wants to know the sex, so I am compromising for him. There is a part of me that also wants to know because it will be easier to prepare.

Speaking of preparing . . . June is going to be a wild month for us. Herman is in the first stage of his doctorate, which means that he has to write a research proposal and then he has to be tested on his knowledge of his area of research in front of a panel. The panel then determines if he can continue or not. The proposal is due in May and he has to have his test in front of the panel by the end of June. We know that this will be a very busy time for us, so he is aiming to go before the panel by the end of May. He is also preparing to attend a conference in the second week of July in Vancouver. This is going to need a lot of technical preparation - flights, hotels and such . . . We are trying to work it into a family vacation where he takes Yaheli and I follow a few weeks later with the new baby. So that means as soon as the baby is born and we are out of the hospital we have to get his/her Israeli citizenship/passport and the run to the American Embassy and apply for his/her American citizenship/passport (this process takes 2-3 weeks, so we have to get it done as soon as possible to ensure that we have the passport in time for me to travel.

Now this is where it gets complicated. If the baby is early I can fly with Herman and Yaheli. If the baby is on time I will have to wait a few weeks and then fly. (I can't possibly cross the Atlantic alone with a toddler and a newborn.) Yaheli will have to stay with my mom alone while Herman goes to the conference, but he will be there a few days early to help her acclimate to my mom and her new surroundings before he leaves for the conference. If the baby is born late there is no way to make the plan work because Herman has to be present during all the paperwork processes with the American Embassy and we most likely won't have enough time between the time the baby is born and he leaves.

Now, the reason why we are crazy enough to attempt to make this work is this. Herman has never visited my family in the States, or visited the States. Only my Dad has ever seen Yaheli. We have never had the money to travel to the States. It's been killing me because I really want Herman to meet my family and see where I come from. If Herman goes to this conference then his way will be paid, so we only have to worry about my fare and the taxes they charge for babies. We just happened to get some money because Herman was in the war in Lebanon, so we put it aside for this trip to pay part of my fare. The rest will be taken care of by a family member. So, we are really hoping that this baby will not be late, but will decide to come a bit early.

If anyone has ever traveled with a month old baby please give me some tips for travel; I would love any input I can get.

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