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Week 24
~ Birthday, Purim and New Directions

This week has been a very eventful week. Herman's big 3-0 birthday was on Saturday. Saturday/Sunday was also Purim (a holiday celebrating Esther and how she saved the Jewish people). We started celebrating on Friday with a birthday dinner for Herman with the whole family. We all went out to our favorite "Eastern" restaurant. The meaning of the term here is not Far East, but Middle Eastern. We had a good time as a family. We don't get together all the time because there are some issues with Herman's sister and her husband being jealous of Herman's parent's relationship with Yaheli. They were out of the country when their kids were born and can't come to terms with the fact that Herman's parents have had a relationship with Yaheli from the time that she was 8 hours old. It's very different when you see a child grow from almost her very birth. It's sad because Herman's parents feel that they can't pay any attention to Yaheli when his sister is around. The dinner went well though and I haven't heard about any grumbling since, so that it a good sign.

Saturday began with a trip down south to Israel's only un-polluted river on the coast, Nahal HaTaninim (the Crocodile River). We had a great time there seeing the ruins and nature surrounding the area. It was a dam that fed into Caesarea during the time of the Romans. Here are a few pictures from our time there.

Yaheli Sherah and Yaheli

We then headed off to a Purim party, which involves costumes and noisemakers. They had a talent show and competitions in which Herman won these glasses (modeled by our little show-off) and a picture of her in her costume:

Yaheli in glasses Yaheli in costume

We rounded out the holiday on Sunday with a trip to the zoo. Here is Yaheli trying to get to the Tortoise:

Yaheli and the tortoise

Well, the new direction part of this entry is an interesting one . . . one that I didn't think that I would ever consider, but seems to be falling into place. One day I was contemplating our trip to the States in the summer, after the baby is born and all the complications that stem from it. This thought came to me . . . why not have the baby in the States, which solves many issues we would have after the baby is born. I wouldn't have to wait around with the baby for an American passport that may or may not come on time. Herman wouldn't have to leave Yaheli with my mom (whom she has never met) while he attends his conference. My family could plan their trips to see us while we were there, without having to plan at the last minute. This decision brings some of its own issues, but issues that are easier to solve, like when to fly, getting the passport from the Stateside after the birth to return and insurance for the birth. Fortunately, all of those issues fell into place very easily. Much easier than the issues we face if I stay and have the baby and then travel after. I never considered this option before because I am comfortable with the healthcare here and could never see myself having a baby stateside. I guess that this will be a very different experience than Yaheli's birth in more ways than I thought it would be.

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