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Weeks 26 & 27
~ Snow and a Concert

Sorry I missed a week. I was really busy getting ready for the concert that we had on Tuesday and the journal kept getting put aside.

SNOW! It's something that I miss terribly. Here in Israel there are only a few places that get snow and not every year. It usually snows in the Golan Heights and Jerusalem each year, but we don't always take the time to go and see it. This year we decided to take Yaheli up to the Golan Heights to see the snow. It wasn't the type of snow that I am used to; it was wet and slushy, but it was still snow. Yaheli loved it. Every time we took her to the car to warm up she would beg to go back out in the snow. Herman loves to go and see the snow because he loves to give me a taste of home. Here are some pictures from our snow adventure.

Yaheli in the snow   Sherah and Yaheli

26 weeksI can't believe that I am coming into the third trimester. I don't know if I am ready for this. I decided that this time around I am really not enjoying being pregnant like I did with Yaheli. I just want the baby . . . I want him to be ready to come out tomorrow so I can see him and get to know him. The pregnancy part of the whole thing is just a nuisance. I think because I have just passed the maximum weight I was with Yaheli, I have become a little upset about the pregnancy. I gain all my weight on my legs and it makes it difficult to find clothes and it's difficult to look in the mirror and see these monstrous legs filling up the mirror. It really gets to me and takes the joy out of the whole pregnancy part of this journey. All I can think about is, "how am I ever going to get the weight off this time?" I can only blame myself though, I could have been eating better and exercising more this whole time, but I opt for the lazy man's way. Here is the latest belly picture, sans legs.

The baby is having a fun time kicking and turning all over. I feel bad for them when they get squished toward the end and have no where to go. I like this time when there is still enough room to have some fun in there. I had a dream that I gave birth to the baby the other day. He was, of course, premature and I was trying to get to the hospital to get him medical care because I saw he wasn't getting enough oxygen. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get anyone to cooperate with me. I guess my fears are coming out in my dreams. The baby was cute, born with a full head of brown hair - which was perfectly groomed and styled. I can't wait to see this kid in reality!!!

I had my first concert with the ensemble I am singing with this past week. It went well considering the difficulties there are in the ensemble. Some of the songs sounded very good, others were lacking but we made it through anyway. It's funny, everyone was nervous before the concert . . . except me. I was just sitting backstage staring at the wall. Everyone kept coming up to me and asking me if I was ok. It just didn't get to me. I guess I am used to it. I get nervous when I have to sing solo. Now the question is, "where do we go from here?" There are some major issues and I am the biggest critic because I have worked with groups on a higher level than this one. I know what the potential is and I know where the weak links are. I just have to relay that without stepping on people's feet. That's the hard part.

I have to share a funny story that happened this morning . . . Yaheli has been waking up throughout the night for almost a week now and Herman and I are exhausted!!! This morning we were trying to ignore her (she is still in our room because we haven't moved into a bigger place yet . . . but we will in two weeks) and keep sleeping while she played in her crib. I turned over in the bed at one point and I hear her call from her crib, "Stop it!"

"Stop what, Yaheli?" I asked.


I love hearing her put things together now that she is talking! It's so precious.

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