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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 28 - 30
~ Heading to Montana

YaheliI know that I have been MIA for some time now. I apologize again. Life really took over the past couple of weeks and I have found myself neglecting certain responsibilities I have, like StorkNet. Here is a rundown of my last couple of weeks:

Week 28

The week started with us receiving our keys to our new apartment. We were really excited to finally move into a new apartment. We have been in a one bedroom since Yaheli was born and she has needed a room of her own for quite some time. Her stuff was spread between our room and the salon and we were really starting to feel choked by the lack of room/storage space we had. Adding another bedroom has been a huge blessing to us. The new apartment came with its own issues though. The shower room was black with mold. We were told that the dorms manager would take care of the mold problem, but we knew that he would only paint over the mold and it would come back within a month . . . So we decided to take care of it ourselves. This meant stripping the walls and treating them with anti-fungal paint so that the mold would not come back. Herman and his brother undertook this project and I am happy to say that two weeks later it is a joy to walk into a white room, as opposed to a black, moldy one.

The bathroom project was slowed down by the fact that Herman came down with a nasty case of the flu. So, while he was sick in bed I did what I could in the new apartment.

In the midst of our move, we celebrated Passover. I love Passover and I love the meaning of Passover . . . freedom from slavery. We met with the whole family at Herman's parents' home and we had a great time together. Herman's mom was very careful not to show any favoritism toward Yaheli; I guess it helped because we haven't heard any jealous ranting since.

Week 29

We were planning to move during the non-holiday days of Passover, but our plans were interrupted by a trip to the hospital. Yaheli picked up Herman's virus apparently and became very sick. At first I wasn't worried about her; she was drinking, her fever was high, but she was still playing. Then one day while we were moving our apartment (I forgot to mention that we only moved about 3 feet away . . . to the next door apartment) I noticed that Yaheli's hands and feet were blue and cold. I have never seen her respond this way to any illness she has had, so I was very alarmed. We drove her to the hospital to make sure that she was okay. I was worried that she had something wrong with her heart and she wasn't getting proper circulation through her body. When we got to the hospital, they examined her and began to think that it could be a childhood disease. Then they checked her urine and it came back positive for a bladder infection. So they admitted her and started IV antibiotics on her. Once you are in, they keep you there for 3 days. After the first day she was 100% better and her tests were coming back negative for any infection (apparently the first tests were contaminated or something). Then they started to say that she only had a virus and the reason that her hands and feet turned blue was her body's response to her fever jumping. Even though she only had a virus they couldn't stop the antibiotics until she had had three days worth. So we took turns sleeping there (I wouldn't call it sleep) and made the most out of our time there. Yaheli was quite traumatized by the whole thing and would scream every time one of the nurses came near her. We all came out of it okay though . . . even with the needless antibiotics.

Week 30

We finally got everything moved into the new apartment!!! Before our hospital stay we bought some Ikea furniture for the new kids room, so we got that put together also. It's exciting to be able to "nest" in a totally new apartment. I love that I have a whole new room in which to put all the baby clothes and gadgets! We kept the crib in our room. Yaheli is still sleeping in it and will until her and I fly (in another week+). We decided we might as well just leave her with us in our room because it is only for a little bit. It would have been nice to have our room to ourselves, but I guess that will have to wait until we decide to kick the new baby into the kids room to sleep.

We were at a party this weekend and everyone kept telling me how pregnancy really fits me. It feels good to hear that. I really haven't had much to complain about with the two pregnancies I have been through so far. I don't suffer too much and I really don't gain an outlandish amount of weight (I have to be honest here, even though I feel fat . . . I really only gain the top amount of what is recommended). I feel like I function very close to normal when I am pregnant and often forget that I am carrying a baby around. I am really happy that it is this way because I know a lot of women really have a hard time during their pregnancies. My heart really goes out to them!!!

Less than two weeks and I am off to Montana! I am starting to really get excited about it! I am excited to see my family and to spend some time with them. There will be a lot of things going on while I am there. My grandmother is finally retiring from her teaching job, my cousin is graduating from high school, my mom is trying to buy a house and we are going to have this baby! It should be an exciting time! I will miss Herman terribly though until he gets there. He is arriving four days before my due date, so I hope that the baby holds out until he gets there. I am excited for Yaheli also. She will get a chance to get to know the other side of her family. They are anxious to see her and the new little one.

I probably won't have another chance to write until I am in Montana . . . Just a warning!

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