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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 32
~ Off to Montana

The last week before we left for the States was crazy. We didn't know if we would be traveling until 2AM the night before we flew. We weren't sure how everything would work out. We had some insurance issues but in the end it worked out but we changed the itinerary of our trip a bit. We were planning to stay in Montana the entire trip, but now we will be traveling to Texas in the middle and then returning to Montana for the last three weeks of our trip. Herman will join us about a week before the baby's due date in Texas . . . we are hoping that the baby will wait for him.

Our flight was amazing. We couldn't afford an extra seat for Yaheli, so we decided to take our chances and hope that there would be extra seats. I figured that our chances would be high because we were flying off-season and in the middle of the week. I was right!!! Yaheli and I had three seats to ourselves on the Atlantic flight. It was an overnight flight, so Yaheli slept through almost the entire flight. On the two State-side flights we took we had an extra seat for Yaheli and she played and handled it very well. The other passengers commented her on her behavior. I didn't do so well on the flights. I had to drink gallons of water just to stay hydrated through the flight which meant I was visiting the bathroom every 10-20 minutes. I was still coughing from the flu I had and the flight dried my cough out even more. By the time we landed in Montana I was in really bad shape.

I didn't really know how to handle jet-lag with a toddler, but I think that we did really well. We shifted Yaheli over to her new schedule within 3 days. Her and I spent only one night up in the middle of night. The baby didn't adjust so quickly. He was extremely active for the first couple of days (which would have been nights on our old schedule). He soon settled down but he is still active according to his old schedule (moving quite a lot at what used to be 10PM).

Yaheli loves my family . . . especially her cousin who is a little over a year and a half older than her. I realized that their age gap will be very similar to her and the new baby. I am really excited about it because it's a great age difference. Yaheli and her cousin play very well together and are not too far apart in age to be disinterested in the other's activities. Yaheli learns much of her new behavior from her cousin (that can be good or bad). I am really looking forward to seeing how Yaheli and the new baby interact.

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