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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Catching Up With Friends and Family

After recovering from my back saga, I was finally able to get out and meet with my family and my friends who are still in the area. I spent the week seeing old friends bringing Yaheli over to my grandparents' house for their Yaheli-fix and watching the first two seasons to Grey's Anatomy with my mom who caught my flu.

It was weird to see both my friends and family in my current state. The last time I was in the States I was unmarried and un-pregnant. Now I am a wife, a mother and a pregnant woman. At the same time I am still the granddaughter, daughter, sister and friend that I always was. I went through some major status changes away from my family and I wonder how they see me now that things are totally different.

It helps when your friends are on the same track in life as you are. It's great to see friends that have married and are bringing babies into the world. It's much easier to relate to friends who are in the same situation. It's great to share experiences and to compare life stories.

One of my biggest issues with this pregnancy is I have an extremely weak stomach. I throw up very easily whenever I see something food related that disturbs me. It can be a hair on food, or food on the floor. Or it could be an unclean bathroom. I tried to change diapers of two children other than Yaheli and both times I lost it. For some reason I can hold my stomach when it comes to Yaheli. It's a good thing or I would be asking for help all the time.

Well, this situation came to climax at my mom's house. Whether it was my nephew's stinky diapers, or issues in the kitchen, I threw up almost every other day. It's no wonder that my weight held at 177 pounds the entire time I was there.

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