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Week 35
~ Traveling Again

We spent this week preparing to travel again. We had to fly to Texas to see the other side of my family and make all the birth preparations needed for the birth.

Part of these preparations included seeing a friend of mine, who is a doctor, to check my blood pressure and get a letter stating that I am okay to fly at 35 weeks. We also made it a social call, which was really nice. My friend decided that she was going to be a doctor when she was in Junior High school. It is great to see that she has accomplished her goal and she is practicing family medicine, including obstetrics. My blood pressure was a bit high, but not enough to raise any red flags. She just made sure to tell me to get to the doctor as soon as possible to monitor my blood pressure.

This time Yaheli and I took two flights, from Montana to Texas. The first flight was good. Yaheli had to sit on my lap because there were no extra seats on the flight. It wasn't a big deal though because the flight was only a little over an hour. She ended up falling asleep on my lap, which made it much easier to handle her. Fortunately, my belly was still not too big to hold Yaheli on my lap.

Our second flight was better on one hand and worse on the other. The flight was fairly empty, which meant we had two seats to ourselves. I was very happy about the prospect of having space during the flight. The downside of the flight was that Yaheli decided she was going to be hyper. This meant loud singing and talking and a lot of movement. I felt really bad for my neighbors during the flight. On every other flight we had been on up to that point, our neighbors commented on what a great traveler Yaheli is. This was not the case this time. One man donated his cookie on the way off the plane and that was the extent of greetings we got. I hope that people weren't cursing us on their way home.

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