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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ The Clinic

The day after I arrived in Texas I started my Medicaid journey. I am so unfamiliar with the healthcare system in the States that it was a sea of unknowns for me. A natural birth is very important to me so I don't want to get stuck with a doctor who wants to induce me, stick me in the back for an epidural or lay me on the table for a c-section. The current state of OB medicine really worries me, as the more doctors interfere the more complications can occur. It seems that doctors induce more and more because they are in such a hurry to get the baby out. I want to find a doctor or a midwife who will work with me in allowing my labor to progress naturally, but at the same time be wise in the event that there would be a complication.

As I am learning, when you are covered by Medicaid in Dallas you don't have that many options. You can't always choose your doctor. I started my journey by finding a midwife in the county hospital who informed me that the only way I can get into their hospital with Medicaid is to be seen in their community clinic. So I decided to go with that route. This particular hospital sends non-complicated cases to their nurse-midwives to handle when it comes time for the birth. So, we are hoping that everything will remain uncomplicated at the time of the birth and I will be able to birth with the midwives on staff at that time. This is similar to the way Israeli hospitals handle their births. You are in the care of a nurse-midwife, unless there are complications that only the doctors can handle. I am comfortable with this approach. I just hope that they don't consider my previous retained placenta as a reason to prevent me from birthing with the nurse-midwives.

When I originally called the clinic to get an appointment, they gave me one for the June 5th, when I would already be pushing week 39 of my pregnancy. Luckily, they called back the next day and agreed to see me the day after that. Apparently, someone was wise to the fact that my pregnancy is already very advanced.

The clinic is nice, but crowded. My appointment took around 3 hours with all the paperwork, tests and waiting. The nurse practitioners and the staff there were extremely nice though. The first thing I did was pee in a cup to prove that I am pregnant. When the first staff member saw me to explain the procedures she laughed when she told me I am pregnant and then she said, "but I guess you know that already".

YaheliI would have to say that I am still a big fan of socialized medicine though. I am sure that normal people have a much easier time when they are pregnant that these people who only have the option of Medicaid. In Israel everyone is in the same boat and it creates more of a community because of it. No matter where you come from, or how much money you have you receive the same care as the person sitting next to you. I see a huge difference here and it is unfortunate because it helps to divide people groups and people who live with different means. I know that insurance is becoming increasingly more expensive and out of reach for people in the middle class also. Soon no one will be able to afford to be cared for. I hope that someone comes up with a solution soon. I am just glad that I live in the land of socialized medicine. Those who are anti-socialized medicine should study Israel's system.

Well, I was told that I have gained far too much weight. Truth be told, I started out this pregnancy with good intentions but I will be the first to tell you that I haven't followed through with them. I have gained about 40 pounds, but the technician calculated wrong from kilos and decided that I have gained about 50 pounds. I know that I will have some work cut out for me when this baby comes out. I hope that he is a hungry boy!!! That would sure help me a lot. I am also hoping that it's just water weight. As of my appointment the baby was engaged, but I am not dilated at all. The nurse guessed him to be about 6 pounds, which means he would be around 8 pounds at the most. His heart rate is good and my blood pressure is still okay. He just needs to hold off until Herman gets here on the 15th. After that he is free to enter the world.

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