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Sherah's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 38 & 39
~ The Family Reunited!

My dad had planned to meet his cousins at Possum Kingdom Lake for a few days of rest and relaxation before we decided to come to Texas for the birth, so we got to tag along with him. We had a great time with my cousins. My cousin Heather brought her son and nephew with her. Her son Phoenix is a month older than Yaheli. The two of them look like twins together. We had someone drive by our cabin and ask if they are twins. Yaheli and Phoenix didn't connect as much as we would have liked, probably because they are so close in age. Yaheli ended up chasing Phoenix' cousin Ethan, who is 5 years old, around all the time. She loved him, but he didn't give her the time of day. It was really cute.

When we got to the lake I was feeling quite crampy and I was a bit worried that I would go into labor early out in the middle of nowhere. We joked about it a bit. Luckily I only felt that way for the first day. The second day I was feeling more normal.

We spent our time relaxing and swimming. Yaheli had a great time. I had a good time too. It was good to get to know my cousins a little better. Here are some pictures from the lake:

Sherah Yaheli
Sherah and Yaheli

On our way home we had to stop by the clinic so I could have another check-up. We waited for over 3 hours. Yaheli fell asleep during that time, which was a huge blessing. They checked me and told me that I was about a finger dilated. That must have been what the cramps were all about. At the end they wanted me to stay and do a glucose test. I was supposed to do it in Israel and I never got around to it. My stomach was also on the edge, so I was afraid that I would throw it up. Doing the test at 38 weeks pregnant wouldn't have done much, so I refused the test. I have no signs of diabetes and the baby was measuring normal, so I wasn't worried about it. It was too late to put me on a diet if I did test positive for diabetes. Anyway we had already sat there for 3 hours and would have had to wait at least another hour to do the test. No one had eaten lunch and we were all starving, so we decided just to leave the test.

The next week was spend getting ready for Herman's arrival. I cleaned the house and began to let myself get excited about seeing Herman again. We were apart for 7 weeks total. It was stressful for me, but I only felt it when he got here and I let myself breathe again. I didn't realize how being alone for so long had taken a toll on me.

That Friday morning Herman was due to arrive. We had to get up at 5 AM to go and get him from the airport. I was awake the whole night with cramps. I kept wondering how we were going to go to the airport and the hospital at the same time. By the time we had to get up the cramps were gone.

Herman arrived!!! It was so great to see him walk out of the terminal. Yaheli wasn't sure about him at first. We had been telling her that we were going to get Herman the whole morning and she was so excited about it. After a few minutes she realized that it really was her Abba and she wouldn't leave him. We spent the rest of the day catching up and showing him the Texas that I knew growing up.

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