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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ March 18, 2003

This was a very strange week. For one I decided to no longer participate on various mailing lists of moms due at the same time as me. I am still 'part' of it, but I refuse to read any of these women's emails. For one, the naïveté kills me. I haven't decided if I am jealous of it, or I find it annoying. These women do not worry whatsoever if the baby is going to be okay the least bit. For two, the things they worry about are so trivial it boggles my mind . . . such as, one mom was bent out of shape because her sister-in-law does not like wearing maternity clothes. So what? It's a personal choice, and is this really a big deal? But the thing that upset me was when I posted about feeling blah, being at that stage of pregnancy where I am too fat to wear my regular clothes, yet too small to wear maternity clothes, being in between kinda thing. While one mom agreed with me, a few overweight moms told me to 'speak for myself' because, since they started their pregnancy overweight they HAVE to wear maternity clothes already. But . . . wasn't I speaking for myself already? And besides, the uterus right now is so small still, about the size of a grapefruit, if they are already wearing big maternity clothes, then, in my view, they are just looking for an excuse. At 13 weeks any woman, of any size, should be in loose clothes, not maternity clothes that accommodate a rather swollen belly, since those are so big right now. But those women, in my view, want to wear maternity clothes already to say, without a word, the reason why they are overweight. What they do is none of my business, but for them to kick me while I am down, was totally uncalled for, and something I do not need right now.

I am still fretting about this amnio, but I have so many things going on in the next few weeks I won't have much time to dwell on it. First, I will be going to a Bon Jovi Concert in early April (can't wait, I love them) and then I have an event going on with a wonderful group of ladies for my Discovery Toys business, and then it's Easter and we'll have company, so a busy time.

I am really enjoying my water aerobics class, but I wish it was summer already. We had a few really nice days, but now is back at being cold and windy. I think I will enjoy going to the pool more when it's hot outside, won't you say?

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