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Week 14
~ March 25, 2003

It's been quite a week. For one I found a gold mine for maternity clothes . . . none other than eBay! I was already fretting that I had to pay a fortune for maternity clothes, but now I am relieved I won't have to. I just won a swimsuit for $3! LOL. I need this for my water aerobics class I plan to take up until the very end. I have other bids going for shorts etceteras; hopefully I will win those as well. I have most other clothes but not really shorts because in my previous pregnancies I had borrowed them from my friend that now is out of state.

Speaking of friends . . . or non-friends . . . last week I went on no-mail from a mailing list with expecting moms because instead of being supportive they were upset that *I* was not yet ready to wear maternity clothes, while they, who claim to be overweight, state they 'have to'. This of course was weird to me because my uterus at 12 weeks (barely 3 months) is surely as big as theirs; how can they justify being in maternity clothes already and then give me a hard time about it? Anyhoo . . . I went on no mail. I then deleted anything coming through with the subject because I had enough; I don't need the stress of jealous overweight women, good lord. Don't they have anything better to do? Now I went back and the moderator unsubscribed me from the mailing list AND took me off the website too! What the heck did I do? I was the one they went off on! How vindictive and self-serving can some women be? No wonder I've always preferred to hang out with guys; I absolutely HATE how women can be so crude, rude, jealous and, yes, vindictive.

All right, on to more important stuff. My son Nicky is being so good about this baby; he constantly tells me what he's going to do and how he's going to be a good big brother . . . what a treasure. He is 6 going on 20, I swear. He is such an amazing child, such an old soul.

Everything else seems to be going okay. I am still sleeping on my stomach and the other night I could feel the uterus 'traveling' to the top of my belly (I still cannot feel it sitting down or standing up, but when gravity pulls it next to my skin, it's really pretty large--feels as big as a ball right now) and I could 'feel', truly 'feel' the baby's heartbeat. I knew it wasn't mine because it was way too fast, and it was just so strange! I did not want to move.

At any rate, now that we don't worry about Nicky since both my stepchildren will be with us on the amnio appointment on April 21st because it's the day after Easter, Greg will be coming with me. I don't think he's too thrilled about it (LOL-squeamish boy) but he's agreed and that's that; I know he's a man of his word.

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