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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ April 24, 2003

I feel like I completely ballooned in no time! Two weeks ago I could kinda sorta sleep on my stomach. Now I can't even sleep even close to a stomach position! This belly has grown so much in just the past week and a half I am actually shocked! I am not complaining, mind you, just in awe. I am actually quite happy that I now very much look pregnant and not just on the verge of 'fat'--it's truly quite reassuring. What's also very much reassuring is the fact that this baby kicks me and kicks me until there is no tomorrow! It's nice to know he makes his presence known. It helps a lot when I get worried! He is showing to me he is very strong. I did not feel Alex kick me like this until well past 20+ weeks, and Nicky did not really ever kick me, just moved a lot. Could it be because of their EB? Who knows . . . but it does reassure me about this baby!

Well, Monday I had the ultrasound/amnio and it revealed . . . a BOY!!!! YAY! That is what I wanted so I am thrilled. Why did I want a boy? Many reasons, really. For one, it would be economical. I have TONS of baby boy clothes that Nicky hardly wore or never wore! These are the kind of clothes that babies grow out of very quickly, so I am glad I don't have to buy any. Plus, I have a boatload of boy toys! For two, I've always wanted a healthy baby boy, and, darn it, third time is a charm, right? LOL. This not to say I don't love my Nicky. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nicky is my life, my soul. However, the initial reason why I wanted to have a boy in the first place years ago was because I grew up in a completely female environment and I felt like I "missed out" on a big part of life. I have two sisters, went to all girl schools, the only other relatives in my life were my aunts and my grandma. All females. Dad worked a lot and mom was always home, so female was the name of the game. Hence, I wanted a little boy to experience little league, boy-scouts and the boy's world. While Nicky is the love of my life, he will never be able to be on a sports team or be a boy-scout, so while I love him to death and he's given me a 'door' to the other side, I felt Nicky is also more attached to mommy than a regular boy would be. Nothing wrong with that. Now I will have (if everything goes well with this baby) the best of both worlds. A little boy that is attached to mommy and one that will do all of those things I dreamed about a son of mine could do. What more could a mom ask for?

Because of the amnio I had to be bedridden for 24 hours which was fine. I then took it VERY easy the following day and somewhat easy yesterday. I will still try to take it easy today as much as I possibly can. I do have to go an open house for Nicky's school, but that will be a challenge because I am not supposed to lift anything for a few days. I may just leave the wheelchair home? I don't know what to do. Don't want to do anything to jeopardize this pregnancy.

Only 8 more days before the results from the amnio come in. This baby HAS to be okay! It just HAS TO!

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