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Silvia's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ May 6, 2003

Last week I received possibly the BEST gift of all . . . the results of a top notch amnio. Not only did they confirm that the baby is definitely a boy (making it easier for us to start off with), he is perfectly healthy as far as they can see . . . no down syndrome, no spinal defects. Every test came back perfect. Other tests came back negative as well, such as the one if I am a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. I am still pregnant as well, flagging the fact that there was no infection that emerged during the amnio, so things are looking up for me.

I can't say that I feel 100% relieved, due to my history since I thought things were going well before and then I got slammed with a stillbirth, a miscarriage and a condition that is undetectable. But knowing that EB, which caused my previous problems, is out of the picture this time, as are other things I was worried about, such as DS, I feel much relieved and I am starting to truly enjoy this pregnancy. The baby is kicking and being active as well, which helps too. And because I feel so much better I feel much more at ease telling people I am pregnant too . . . not that I can hide it anymore anyway! LOL. At the water aerobics someone asked me if I was pregnant (well, duh . . . although there are so many overweight people there I can understand why she would ask) and I also told all my groups of people that know me.

At my last regular doctor's appointment, the doctor was really happy on how things are going, happy that I am swimming and keeping active, and stating that I will start non-stress tests sometime later in the pregnancy (most likely after week 32). We are also scheduling another ultrasound on week 28. I do have to admit, I feel much better with this pregnancy now than I felt with Nicky's, although there were moments of sure panic with this one as well.

The next couple of months will be eventful for me, so it helps that I can just try to enjoy this pregnancy. Later this month I am taking my son to a support group in Northern California and it will be the first 5 hour car ride I will take while pregnant; I hope everything goes well. In June I am also taking Nicky to a week long camp and it will be so much fun for him for sure. We'll also have my step-daughter with us for the entire summer which will help a lot since I will be as big as a house.

Greg is commenting on how fast I fall asleep lately and I find it true in many ways; I am just soooo tired all the time. I guess that is the price I pay for being pregnant at 38/39 years old, it was MUCH different 10 years ago! I was full of energy, and I even worked full time standing up for most of the day. I could not do that now without a few naps here and there!

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